Sunday, September 13, 2009

Propped up by socialists and separatists

The Stephen Harper Conservatives could very well find themselves propped up by socialists and separatists whether the prime minister likes it or not. Apparently, federal NDP leader Jack Layton told CTV’s Question Period on Sunday that an election is not inevitable and that there’s still time for the prime minister to do the right thing, which is to work with other parties (read NDP) on the issues that are facing Canadians in this recession. In other words, throw us a bone and we’ll play along.

Also, The Gazette speculates today that the Bloc may also prop up the Tories. Nothing like the prospects of a fall election to concentrate the mind of those whose pensions require them to spend more time in the House.

As Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe put it, “… I hope that Harper will realize that it’s not because you can’t do everything you want to do that you should do nothing.”

These two opposition parties have been given a free ride to suck and blow at the same time for the past couple of years as first Stéphane Dion then Michael Ignatieff shouldered the load of keeping the Tories in office during periods when none of the parties wanted to go to the polls. Now that Ignatieff seems to have found some backbone and is threatening to vote no confidence in the government, both the NDP and the Bloc will have to climb down from their high horses and make some hard decisions and possible pay a price at the polls when we inevitably have the next federal election.

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  1. Yes it certainly has been easier for Jack Layton to pull an Obama-style "always in campaign mode" throughout 2008 and most of 2009. After all, between Ignatieff's election gains possibly coming at the NDP's expense and NDP voters upset over the coalition, the New Democrats are poised to suffer in this election. Fewer votes, fewer MPs, and possibly then a leadership review that won't be looking good for Monsigeur Moustache.

  2. That would make the Liberals one lonely party in Parliament.

    We're probably still having an election in the next year. But will it be in the Winter or the Spring?