Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ignatieff: marching to a different drummer or just out of step

Today’s National Post newspaper has published an exclusive advance copy of a Nanos Research poll to be released later this week, which gives further evidence that Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff is out of step with Canadians. This is not surprising considering that Mr. Ignatieff is probably more in-step with our southern neighbours and our British cousins among whom he spent three decades of his adult life.

According to the poll that was carried out from Sep. 3 to Sep. 11, when Canadians were asked which of the party leaders they would trust to manage the following issues, Stephen Harper was endorsed by more responders in each category than was Mr. Ignatieff. Here are the results:

  • Health care: Harper 28.9% versus Ignatieff 21.5%
  • Tax policy: Harper 40.1% against Ignatieff 24.2%
  • National unity: Harper 30.1% against Ignatieff 28.1%
  • Environment:  Harper 21.6% versus Ignatieff 16.8%
  • Economy: Harper 40.5% versus Ignatieff 26.8%

A clear preference for Prime Minister Harper in every category but National Unity, and even there he had a two-point lead. This is dramatically different from the picture Mr. Ignatieff drew in his speech to the Toronto Board of Trade this week when he characterized the state of the country’s finances as being a “mess.” Apparently, 70+ per cent of Canadians do not believe he could do better.

One has to wonder how long it will take for the chief Grit to get on the same page as we Canadians.

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1 comment:

  1. This is dead-on.

    I can't believe that the knives are not yet out for Mr. Ignatieff given the egos sitting on the Liberal side of the house.

    Dion was strike one
    Ignatieff strike two
    Who will be no. 3?