Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dippers flip-flop

After watching the NDP do another of their flip-flops while at the same time claiming consistency, one has to smile. Jack Layton and Dippers like  Andrea Calver on the Michael Coren Show like to say that the NDP has been consistent in doing what it was sent to Ottawa to do: work with other parties to make parliament work.

How convenient for the Dippers that they blithely ignore Mr. Layton’s mean-spirited rhetoric of last fall and through most of the early winter when he denounced everything the Tories did and said, and tried his best to demonize the prime minister.

Now, instead of the promise of a seat at the Stéphane Dion/Michael Ignatieff cabinet table, the head Dipper faces the prospect of an expensive election and the loss of a precious few seats to the Grits in a fall election if he continues to condemn Stephen Harper and his party at every turn. It may, however, already be too late for Mr. Layton to squeeze some face-saving concession out of the PM.

In today’s Globe and Mail we read:

“We’re not cutting any deals with anybody,” said the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Dimitri Soudas. “[This] is not about deal-making and backroom negotiations.”

Not good news for the socialists. Mr. Layton is now left to sift through recent government announcements to find anything he might cling to as a reason to support the government and, in his words, “stop the march toward a fall election.”

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  1. And there is no party more relieved than the Liberals.

    Jack should have taken on Gilles winning ways a long time ago,
    'issue by issue', instead of a 3 years long Punch and Judy show.

  2. HA ha ha Jack Layton forms a coalition with Harper and suddenly he is no longer taliban Jack. What a bunch of loser partisans Conservatives are..

  3. What planet are you from, Anon? You must have inside information none of us have. What coalition?

    As for being "losers," sad that your best argument is name-calling--so typical.

    "… loser partisans Conservatives" have their party in power, how is your voting patern working out for you?