Friday, September 25, 2009

David Miller bows out

Toronto mayor, David Miller, says he will not be running for a third term in next year’s municipal election. The mayor made the announcement this morning after an e-mail was sent out to supporters on Thursday saying he would discuss his political future. This comes as no surprise after a recent Ipsos Reid poll showed Miller had the approval of only 21 per cent of Torontonians.

This mayor has been only slightly short of a disaster for Toronto. Under him the city has made almost no progress, except perhaps for the updating of the TTC fleet. Budget management and cost control has been a joke under his administration. In addition, the man has been a whiner and has been caught in a big lie over the cost of sick days accumulated by city employees—Miller claimed the figure was $200 million, when he knew the real figure was $450 million.

A quick ride through Toronto shows a weedy, shabby city that has been in decline for some twenty years. The public parks are a disgrace. The city is the Canadian capital of political correctness and gun crime—a mere shadow of what it could have been if given effective leadership.

Miller said recently that he wanted Toronto to be a progressive 21st century city. The reality, however, is quite different—at least, at the city administration level. Thirty years ago, Toronto was on track to be a world class city, but administrations headed by the likes of Barbara Hall and David Miller have derailed those expectations.

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  1. David Miller has given Toronto a gift. Hopefully the voters will also turf all his supporters on city council. Where will David Miller land - perhaps federal or provincial politics. Now that would be fun to watch. Cheers.

  2. Yes, thirty years ago Toronto held all the promise in the world. But since then immigration and its controlling tentacles has meant it's slide into socialism and all resultant ills. Now certain sectors of street life are controlled by drug gangs and bums and beggars incessantly harass you on downtown major intersections etc. The people that really built this city and those that dare to think outside of the humanist socialist box have been treated as human refuse as the city increasingly tries to distance itself from it's past. This is not a nice place to live anymore. It is bigger and in some places shinier than it was, but it also is becoming more and more a place of insular cliques. (real conservative)