Friday, September 18, 2009

Aglukkaq not ready for prime time

The problem with trying to make the Federal Cabinet as representative as he can is that PM Stephen Harper is sometimes forced to appoint ministers who clearly are in over their heads. Take the current Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, who spent several minutes yesterday in an interview with Bill Carroll on the CFRB Toronto radio station responding to questions about the delivery of body bags to native communities as part of H1N1 flu preparations.

I don’t believe I have heard a less inept attempt by an MP to explain anything on radio or television. She said she was offended by what had happened, but also claimed not to know the full facts and had ordered an inquiry into the situation. She also said what happened is unacceptable, insensitive and offensive—all without having the full facts of the case, by her own admission. The rest of her statements were confusing and barely coherent, leaving radio host Bill Carroll almost at a loss for words.

Our northern communities deserve representation at the cabinet table and there is a political imperative to provide it whenever possible. There does, however, need to be better matching of the person to the post than seems to have been done with this cabinet appointment.

Sadly I find myself agreeing with Bill Carroll’s assessment, which went something like: if this is our health minister with a major flu epidemic on the way, we’re in big trouble. I think that’s a fair paraphrasing of his comment.

Ms. Aglukkaq needs to be less concerned with knee-jerk political correctness and more concerned with straightforward delivery of explanations of her ministry’s policies and practices.

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  1. Would her bleeding head on a platter calm your nerves a bit? What ever happened to decency and empathy. She's not incompetant. This was a simple bureacratic mistake(and not a big one) unless you're a liberal at the receiving end of it. These communities are extremely remote and hard to reach in the winter time. This is not a rationalization as much as the simple truth. Why has Canada turned into a sniveling , whiney , constantly traumatized population? The lies being thrown around are proof that the libs HAVE ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to offer but to react to situations like this. To claim for example that it was ONLY bodybags tat were delivered was irresponsible and totally inflamatory. It's what Liberals do best. Stay tuned for a whole lot more.

  2. I watched a clip of Minister Aglukkaq on a CTV news clip today,
    and found her very professional and confident.
    Perhaps you could link to the 'not ready for prime time' message.

  3. I agree with you. The bottom line is this, people have died in other parts of the world due to this illness and the public knows this. also, northern communities being remote, isolated and not subject to the strains of disease as the southern communities are more prone to potential problems. This person should have been clearly able to explain this and also note that the 'bags' sent was more a problem of procedure than an error in judgement. (real conservative)

  4. And when more than 30 people die (the amount in one box lot of autopsy bags sent..) in a community from illness, accidents, alcoholism etc. will the left then scream that the feds did nothing to prepare them for that?

  5. Actually, I happen to really like Leona Aglukkaq. She takes her job calmly but seriously and gives our parliament much needed decorum and class. Just because you might not have understood some of what she was saying doesn't mean she's incompetent. Very often it's the calm, quiet people who are the most competent. Anyway, most of the time, such as on TV she comes off as a strong communicator.

  6. Major flu epidemic on the way?Go get a flu shot.Speaking of flu shot,why not send aboriginal communities doses of it just in case along with body bags?I heard a panel of aboriginals speak and many are in need of better education(not liberal indoctrination) in addition to help with health issues.But for starters they can stop sniffing glue,consuming drugs and alcohol,and the men can stop beating their women please.Once again instead of Liberals trying to find a solution they get out their soapbox and critisize without any solution to the situation.Got a better idea Iggy?Lets hear it.