Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michael Coren, The Motts and More Leave CFRB

The National Post reported yesterday that Toronto’s radio station, Newstalk 1010 CFRB laid off 12 employees, including on-air personalities Michael Coren, Paul and Carol Mott, Kris McCusker and Jacqui Delaney.

Apparently, the station’s owner, Astral Media is saying the job losses are about taking the station in a new direction. Sherry O’Neil, general manager of Astral’s Toronto branch, says the station will retain its news-talk format and adds that the move had nothing to do with the economy and that any money saved will be put back into the station.

I find it interesting that Tarek Fatah has apparently kept his job while Michael Coren his co-host loses his. And I’m surprised about the Motts—I thought they were a fixture at the station.

Michael Coren’s TV show on CTS moves from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in September—never a positive sign when a show is punted from primetime in Canada’s largest market. That coupled with CFRB’s latest move could indicate that Coren is wearing thin with many who find his dated view of the world rather tiresome. He can be an overbearing bore at times, and he never really jelled with his co-host Fatah.

Nevertheless, I’m sorry to see him go. One less conservative voice on left/lib-dominated Toronto radio is never a good thing. He will be missed.

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  1. Sorry
    I can't agree with you. I think Michael Coren is great,especially when Claire Hoy is on. He takes on the subjects no one wants to talk about, puts the left wing parrotts in their place and is completely not political correct

  2. Paraphrasing:

    "It's not the plusses and minusses that matter. It's where you place them that counts."

    Mrs. Carlson--Owner of the fictitious radio station, WKRP in Cincinatti.

    Ain't capitalism wonderful? Thankfully, there was no union to save Coren and the Motts.

    Now we have to work on Mr. Green at CFRA radio in Ottawa.

  3. When Moore comes on that radio station, I stop listening to radio.

    He is such a supercilious know it all and a Liberal of the Quebec style.

    Sadly, there are no more Grits on the radio in Toronto. They have been overcome by the Quebec diaspora.

    To make his points he uses the farthest right American or Canadian commentators instead of the main stream Conservative.

    Have you noticed how much Bill Carrol has beem forced to tone down his opinions? I guess he has had to toe the line to keep his job with the new Quebec owners.

  4. "dated view of the world"? Can you explain?

  5. Wow, where do I start, Harry.

    By "dated view of the world" I mean Coren's attitude towards women with children who decide to have a career as well, his attitude towards animals and the minimal rights they have, his attitude towards the way women sometimes dress, and a whole slew of other social issues… a narrow minded, old fashioned view.

  6. I guess that I am old fashioned and dated too. Sadly the West is in decline then as was the Old Roman Empire. Russ identifies with Nero and Caligula. Now, THAT was old fashioned and dated.

  7. "Russ identifies with Nero and Caligula."? That's quite a leap, Hoarfrost.

    Nero and Caligula were despots of a specially cruel and savage kind known for cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity. Where in the West does such a ruler exist?

    Be so kind as to point out where I have ever given you cause to believe I identify with such persons.

    We live in a golden age, a time when freedom and prosperity reigns in the West. This isn't decline, it's called democracy.

    There are problems, no doubt about that. But when in history have there been fewer problems, more freedom, or more prosperity?

    Michael Coren can be a pompous, overbearing prude and I can't identify with that. The world as he'd like it would be a lesser place indeed.

  8. Losing the Motts is a shame. They did very well on theri program and were great filling in for Bill Carroll in the morning. I will also miss Jacqui Delaney. I have listened to CFRB ever since I was born, and now, sadly, I am turning it off. John Moore with his phony laugh, and pompous opinions, Jim Richards, with his insincerity and foolishness--a waste of time. Good bye CFRB, sorry to see you go downwards.

  9. Guess i'll be in the minority on this one.

    I like the changes. I never really connected with the Motts.

    I'm somewhat sad to see Michael Coren go. I only agreed with about 25% of his opinions, but that 25% were pretty rarely defended positions (right to life).

    Jacqui Delaney? What did she do on that station? Seriously? Occasionally funny, reading the weather? But i can understand if that isn't cuttin' it with the new ownership.

    I still don't understand all the hatred of John Moore. Yes, i know he always takes positions on issues where you're made to be a bit of a fool if you disagree with him. But as far as left of centre commentators go, he's not very faithful to his political leanings.

    I always admire that in ANY commentator. I wish more so called 'conservative' commentators would either step out of character or don't think of criticizing their ilk as some sort of mortal sin............

    Also, one more gripe. Am i missing all the left leaning talk radio shows out there that my political bretheren are constantly complaining about, or am i just not enough of a rabid right winger to notice?

  10. sorry to hear that these people lost their jobs in this tenious economy. However, I found Carol Mott to be very condescending & rude. She had an arrogant approach to any topic.

    Michael Coren had some great comments to make, but, he also was condescending and opnionated.

    While I agree with free speech, I don't take kindly to laughing at or snubbing a different opinion than your own. Both Michael Coren and Carol Mott did just that.

    If CFRB is expecting to stay on the air, they have to teach their hosts a bit of sensitivity & basic respect to their listeners.

    John Moore sound very insincere & pompous. He too can be rude if you don't agree with him. I would much prefer to list to John oakley on the 680 as his intelligence is refreshing and not arrogantly rubbed in our faces.