Saturday, July 25, 2009

With so many good people in the world, why import so much garbage?

There has been a lot written and said in the media this past few days about the murders of four Muslim women found in a canal at Kingston, Ontario. I won’t dwell on the fact that these apparently were “honour killings” (a misnomer, if I ever heard one), because that aspect has been ably covered elsewhere—see Joanne’s post at Blue Like You, Tarek Fatah’s excellent commentary, and the National Post for examples.

One angle that seems to have been overshadowed by the shocking nature of this alleged crime is that Mohammed Shafii was living in a polygamous marriage right here in Canada at the Montreal suburb of St. Léonard. Apparently, his first wife was Rona Amir Mohammad, one of the victims, and his other wife is Tooba Mohammad Yahya, a co-accused.

Mr. Shafia apparently married Ms. Mohammad in about 1979 and later married Ms. Yahya in 1988. Both marriages took place in Afghanistan, where it is legal for a man to have more than one wife.

I gather there was no divorce before the second marriage occurred, and police have confirmed the woman found dead with the three sisters was Mr. Shafia’s first wife, Rona Amir Mohammad. Ms. Mohammad’s family members told CBC Radio’s As It Happens on Friday how she was caught in a loveless, abusive marriage with Mr. Shafia, but unable to convince her husband to allow a divorce. (In Afghan tradition, only husbands are allowed to divorce their wives.)

Originally from Afghanistan, the Shafia family moved to Montreal from Dubai about three years ago, begging the question: How in the world can one immigrate to Canada with two wives in tow? What sort of background screening occurs? Does any screening occur, or are we too politically correct to even question those who wish to come and live with us?

Polygamy is a crime in this country. This is Canada; we don’t use shariah law here. And we certainly don’t need some back-door way of circumventing our laws. The majority of us like our traditions and want our government to protect them. If we synchronize our rules and values with those of the backward medieval-like nations of the world, how long will it be before Canada is much the same as the very nations our immigrants are fleeing? I’d say a generation or two at best.

I believe one of the many dirty little secrets of our immigration process is that we turn a blind eye to polygamous relationships of those entering Canada from Muslim countries and countries like India which have a large Muslim community. And the so called law-abiding Canadian Muslim community certainly turns a blind eye to the illegal practice within our country.

Traditional Canadian values and culture are under siege, and political correctness, moral relativism and muddle-minded liberalism are stifling resistance to the sorts of traditions and practices that are little more than remnants of a primitive past.

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  1. Was Rona Amir Mohammad listed as 'cousin' on Mohammad's immigration papers?

    Isn't lying to get into Canada a deportable offence?

  2. I believe it is, Wilson, but isn't it a mute point since the woman is dead?

  3. Yes, tragically so. But if we don't learn the lessons of each tragedy, we can't help these women.

    You have to start somewhere.

    The courts are looking at polygamy right now, a good place to start.

  4. It is time to limit seriously immigration from Muslim countries. Unfortunately Quebec controls its own immigration and it favours people from countries where French is one of the languages (French is a second or third language in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria).

  5. These men should not be allowed into the Country..leave their atrocities at home.

  6. Polygamy is more common than you'd think in Toronto.