Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tori Stafford’s remains confirmed

The police in Woodstock, Ontario have confirmed that the human remains found in a field just east of Mount Forest are in fact those of eight-year-old Tori Stafford. This closes the first phase of this tragedy and shifts emphasis to the legal proceedings that must inevitable follow.

Regardless of the results of the trials of the accused, I’ll never be satisfied that justice was done.

It angers me that our society allows its children to be horribly murdered and does not mandate the ultimate punishment for such a crime.

I don’t want to hear about rehabilitation or even revenge. I say: take the life of a child and you forfeit your own—its that simple.

I don’t want to hear about sanctity of human life and lack of deterrent effect on future murderers. In the context of Tori’s death, this is pure nonsense.

I just want victim-first justice.


  1. I hear your anger and frustration with our 'justice' system.

    I feel the same way.

  2. I want him dead too, but if we start executing we'll get it wrong eventually. Innocent people will die.

    I'd support it with a guilty plea, but then you'd have those crazies who confess to anything and the rest pleading innocent, dragging their cases out for years.

    Maybe there is an angle I'm missing, I haven't finished my coffee yet.

  3. I just hope the "deal with the devil" hasn't already been made.

  4. They are saying that there might be a deal to be made with the female offender.... are they crazy, if not for her he may very well have not got a hold of the little girl!!!

    What are they thinking.... She was worst than Carla in the Cases in Kitchener years ago, there is video proof she took the girl!!!

    Surely someone can do something about this... a crime is happening and no-one is doing anything!!!