Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terrorist supporters in our midst

Today I read in the National Post that, according to a secret intelligence report obtained by that newspaper, Canada was one of the top sources of funding for Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers, providing up to $12-million a year for several years. The report says:

“Canada’s Tamil community has been among the LTTE’s [Tamil Tigers] largest sources of funds, having contributed up to $10-to $12-million annually in past years.”

Readers may remember that back in May of this year, demonstrators waving flags bearing the Tamil Tigers’ emblem blocked city streets and part of a major highway in downtown Toronto to draw attention to what they claimed were human rights abuses by the Sri Lanka Army.

Later, a Buddhist temple and Sri Lankan restaurant were set on fire. These places were known to be frequented by members of the Sinhalese community, former members of Sri Lanka’s ruling majority.

The World Tamil Movement is reported to be one of the main fronts for the Tamil Tigers, also known as LTTE, and is said to have often used “coercive” tactics to collect money from Toronto’s large Canadian Tamil diaspora. Funds collected were apparently used to bankroll the rebels who were fighting for independence for Sri Lanka’s ethnic Tamil minority. Last year, the government banned the World Tamil Movement under the Anti-Terrorism Act, and federal lawyers are now in court trying to seize its properties and bank accounts.

This massive amount of bankrolling of Sri Lanka’s civil war from Canada may not be a surprise to many who have followed media reports over the past several years and who felt ashamed of the tangible support provided by Liberal politicians to suspected terrorist supporters in our country. There are numerous examples of direct support shown to groups the Grits knew were Tamil Tiger supporters.

Early in June, Toronto Liberal MP Bob Rae was banned from entering Sri Lanka. I’ll repeat what I wrote then:

Connect the dots: [Bob] Rae is a prominent Liberal Party official, Liberal Party MPs have shown support for the Tamils who, in turn, directly support the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Canadian resident Tamils have financed thousands of deaths in Sri Lanka. Why would the Sri Lanka government want to have anything at all to do with Bob Rae?

How really dense would one need to be not to understand how widespread support in Canada is for the Tamil Tigers? This is deeply troubling to me because the Tamil Tigers are currently considered to be a terrorist organization by 32 countries, including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, the United States and 27 countries of the European Union—all countries that share similar legal systems and core values to ours.

Let there be no doubt: the Tamil Tigers are, indeed, terrorists who have committed atrocities against civilians and have carried out assassinations of Sri Lankan and Indian politicians. They are also guilty of recruiting and using child soldiers. These are the people who invented the “suicide belt” and are known to use suicide bombing as a tactic against civilians.

If the Canadian Tamil diaspora contributed $10-to $12-million annually to the Tigers—a very considerable sum—then it stands to reason that a significant proportion of that community are supporters of terrorists and don’t deserve the privilege of living among us. It is only a matter of time before a group like this brings their shooting and bombing to our cities. As a matter of fact, they probably already have.

In May, a fire was set at the entrance to a Buddhist temple in the Scarborough area of east Toronto, and another fire gutted the Lanka Gardens restaurant in the Brampton area. Coincidences? I think not. Incidents also have been reported in Australia and Great Britain.

After the fire at Brampton, Sri Lankan Consul General Bandula Jayasekara blamed the Tamils. At that time, Canadian Tamil Congress spokesman David Poopalapillai responded:

“The diplomat is challenging Canadian authority and must be expelled from the country. … Have you ever heard a diplomat getting involved in a host nation’s affairs, but this man has done many times.”

Thousands of Canadians of Tamil origin have been calling, almost non-stop, for Canadian diplomats to intervene in Sri Lanka affairs. Should we follow David Poopalapillai advise and expel them?


  1. http://www.nationalpost.com/opinion/story.html?id=1814520

    Sri Lankan blood on Liberal hands
    National Post
    Published: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    'It therefore has become difficult to deny that the protection and sympathy extended to the cause of Tamil militancy until 2006 -- most notably, by Liberal politicians -- prolonged Sri Lanka's civil war, and increased the scale of the bloodshed.'.........

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