Monday, July 6, 2009

Ignatieff sells himself like a midway freak show

Apparently, the Liberal Party’s leader Michael Ignatieff chose to sell opportunities for potential supporters to see him in person at $40 a head much like was done at carnival midways, where sideshows charged for the opportunity to view freaks of nature.

He could have used his Stampede breakfast as a way of getting to know the ordinary people of Calgary and giving them the opportunity of seeing him in the flesh. In other words, a way of making new friends—and the Lord knows Liberals need all the friends that can make in Alberta. Instead, Mr. Ignatieff chose to ignore the free-flapjacks tradition and used the annual event as a fund raiser.

You can read a reaction from an Alberta, here.

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  1. from the article:
    '' would think there would be a lot of unattached Calgarians out there wanting to hook up with a new party.
    But instead of providing access to The Man, the Liberals show themselves to be as aloof as they've always been.
    Are they afraid of us? Are they cheap?
    Aren't we worth the bother?..''

    LOL, Alberta to a Liberal IS a cash cow,
    and this illustrates perfectly why Liberals don't win seats here.

  2. After reading that column, I can understand why the Liberals would want to keep their supporters at arms length, or longer.

    No big surprise at how her son ended up becoming a "left-wing, environmental, vegetarian, save-the-world son." is their.