Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How long before we tap into this new source of immigration

Nigeria sports a new form of Taliban—apparently not related to the Afghan extremist group. Earlier this week, they launched violent attacks across northern Nigeria, threatening to overthrow the government and impose strict Islamic law (… more here).

The group, apparently, is quite a mystery—no one seems to know how big a threat they pose, how large their membership is, or what their next move will be. We do know, however, some of their core beliefs, because of an interview their leader, Mohammed Yusuf, gave the BBC.

They believe that the “… present Western-style education is mixed with issues that run contrary to our beliefs in Islam.” They question that rain is an evaporation caused by the sun or that the world is a sphere and, of course, they reject the theory of evolution. And they hope to impose an extreme interpretation of Islamic law on Nigeria.

If something runs contrary to the teachings of Allah, they reject it. Don’t mind that we have had some 1,500 years of human discovery and experience since the birth of Mohammed, that’s irrelevant.

Don’t these people seem just right for Canadian immigration? Here they could preach any damn nonsense they want, and we would be obliged to respect it alongside of our scientific theories and beliefs. Wonder what they think are about gravity?

Given some of our reasonable accommodation they would fit right in. Can’t wait for them to start arriving.

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1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the brave new world, where socially inept and unlearned throwbacks now dictate 7th century dogma to the masses through violence.

    We can't criticize them, oh no..they are our cultural and moral equals, they who could not even begin to understand the technology they use to communicate their bizarre and backwards beliefs.