Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hats off to Jason Kenney for requiring visas for Czechs and Mexicans

The minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, has announced that beginning today Mexican nationals will require a visa to travel to Canada. This move is in response to the fact that refugee claims from Mexico have almost tripled since 2005, making it the number one source country for claims.

Yes, Mexico, the very place Canadians flock to in the tens of thousands. If life is so repressive there, how come so many foreigners visit that country each year?

During 2008, more than 9,400 claims filed in Canada came from Mexican nationals, representing 25 per cent of all claims received, and, of those claims reviewed and finalized in 2008, only 11 per cent were accepted as being genuine.

According to Minister Kenney, each claim cost us about $29,000 including costs at all three levels of government.

This welcome move by the Conservative government comes at the same time that Canada reinstated a visa requirement on visitors from the Czech Republic after hundreds of Roma from that country sought asylum here. The visa requirement for the Czech Republic was only lifted in 2007 and, since then, refugee claims increased several fold. Our government suspects many cases were not genuine as they were withdrawn or abandoned before a final decision was made.

“In addition to creating significant delays and spiraling new costs in our refugee program, the sheer volume of these claims is undermining our ability to help people fleeing real persecution.

“The visa process will allow us to assess who is coming to Canada as a legitimate visitor and who might be trying to use the refugee system to jump the immigration queue.”

– Hon. Jason Kenney

On TV this afternoon, Minister Kenney said that on some recent flights from Prague the majority of passengers on plane were asylum seekers.

Of course, European Union diplomats and officials have been quick to signal that Canadians could face visa restrictions from member countries in retaliation.

The Mexican embassy in Canada was also quick to react, saying in a statement that the government of Mexico “regrets the decision,” and “Mexico will continue to promote actions toward modifying the Canadian measure as soon as possible.”

Isn’t this a joke? Both the EU and Mexico, by asking Canada to reverse its policy, are sort of agreeing that refugee claimants from their countries have a genuine reason to fear returning to their homelands. Curious that.

Here’s hoping PM Stephen Harper will resist the pressure. Minister Kenney is the first immigration minister in decades to take a Canada-first stance towards those making a mockery of our immigration and refugee policies.

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  1. Hunh?

    I don't think I've ever agreed with anything you've written but I could always say you made sense.

    What you've written here though doesn't.

    If life is so repressive there, how come so many foreigners visit that country each year?

    Since when did a bunch of wealthy travelling foreigners, who can come and go as they please, give anyone any indication of how repressive a regime is? Millions and millions travel to Cuba or Russia or China all of the time, you are not seriously suggesting that those regimes are not repressive are you or that legitimate refugees from those countries should be sent back?

    Both the EU and Mexico, by asking Canada to reverse its policy, are sort of agreeing that refugee claimants from their countries have a genuine reason to fear returning to their homelands.

    How do figure? The Visa requirement applies to all citizens of those countries, possible refugee claimants, family visitors, tourists, government workers and business travellers alike. It is imminently reasonable for them to speak up on behalf of their citizens. Kenney's policy will create difficulties and will cost Czechs, Mexicans and even Canadians money and opportunities. Opposition to the policy in no way makes any kind of comment about the legitimacy of refugee claims of repression. That's just... silly.

    It is also fully within Canada's right to do what Kenney is doing. So don't take my comments on your post to be any kind of comment about the policy decision. It is just that you give, um, odd arguments in favour of it.

  2. I have just read an article on the CTV website about Mr. Kenny. After reading the over 200 comments it would appear 90% of the country backs Mr. Kenny's decision.

  3. Personally, I'm kind of pissed with how all the political parties and the media have dealt with not only this issue, but also the issue regarding tighter border restrictions in the US.

    The 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody wants to talk about is our immigration. The fact is, we have arguably the most lax immigration policies in the world. We wouldn't have had the US clamped down on our border and we wouldn't have had to institute visas for the Czechs and Mexicans if we had an immigration policy that was at least half sane.

  4. The Mexicans figure California's welfare system is broke so why not bypass it and head to Canada. Good on Minister Kenny.

  5. This scam is to produce the “Anchor-babies” to asure the Mother entry to the USA as a sponsor by her child who is an American and will have the Right to live there as an Adult one day in the future.
    But don’t think CA is the only victim, I came across some Documents from a Refugee Centre in High Park and many of the “Refugees” are from Mexico and list their Baby as American , the babies are recorded as being under 6 months old and this tells me that the Mother used the USA to give Birth and then was ferried up to canada to make a Refugee claim to have even more babies on our soil to assure she has 2 Countries to choose from if things go wrong.
    I figured out the Tax fraud scheme by the Refugee Centre, the “Charity” status forbids them from direct Government funding so they have set-up a Rental-Scam via Buying 5 Houses in my area and applying to the province,Toroto,and federal Government for “Rent-subsidies” as “Shelters” for new-comers.
    But the Documents show that people pay to be smuggled into the USA from Mexico and then shuttled to Niagara Falls or Fort Erie where people on the USA side already makes plans to deliver the Humans to the Canadians awaiting the Goods to drive back to Toronto where the Housing,Legal aid,Welfare,health care, and local catholic School all condone this Human Smuggling as part of the “Refugee-Industry” .
    The Refugee’s rent is paid to the Refugee Centre under the Housing loophole , and I found Donation Cheques from lawyers that receive the refugees as clients and bill Legal Aid .
    I connected the dots for all 3-Levels of Government having there hand in this Social-Service Support net for non-Citizens , but the Media and reporters would not touch it because it lead all the way to the Liberals in Ottawa and the NDP MP’s that crusade for Illegals as Olivia Chow does .

    BUT, the FBI was interested because the actual crime took place on their soil when Money changed hands and Refugees were driven across several State Lines for business without a License .
    They nabbed several smugglers in Texas and even exposed a few bogus Charities that enable Illegals or the Sanctuary-Cities like L.A. , and thanks to the Sanctuary Cities there have been 85 Hospitals in L.A. along that closed from Bankrupcy under the State Laws to aid the poor as a Charity jesture for society.
    But at about $20′000.00 a pop to deliver Mexican babies for free it took its toll and drained the system dry, now I wonder what those HollyWood elites think since they love to bash Christians as Bigots and rednecks that hate Immigrants.

    Toronto is close to $3′000′000′000.00 in debt with no end in sight as Miller shovels more money to the Unions and pet projects to kill the cars and CAW jobs, this American MBA wiz-kid from Harvard spent $30 million to not build a $20 million dollar bridge to the Island Airport which now looks like a real stupid stunt since Tourism needs more flights from the USA to the Island for short trips or business meetings.

    Thank god I made plans to get the hell out of this dump before I’m completely broke from the taxes and user fees, i can’t believe that my parents served in WW2 for canada and now the City they are from is run by an American who is slowly driving it into the ground with gangs.guns,homeless,druggies,social housing,illegals,and militant Unions demanding more money for less work.