Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ezra Levant calls out Jennifer Lynch

Journalist, popular blogger and and super pain in the backside of the Canada’s human rights establishment, Ezra Levant, has called Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission Jennifer Lynch a liar—in fact, he called her a “damned liar” in his blog.

When I read that Ms. Lynch denied that CHRC staff hacked into a private citizen’s Internet account and that commission investigators post hateful messages on the Internet, I wondered how long it would take for her to be challenged. Had she not been challenged, I would have had to reevaluate my opposition to her agency.

Well, the challenge came on Saturday—and it’s a doozy! I have not been on the Internet much for the past few days and missed Mr. Levant’s blog post until this afternoon.

These individuals cannot both be telling the truth—one is obviously not. I don’t know either of them personally, but favour Mr. Levant’s version.

I hope Ms. Lynch will either show documented proof of her version or step aside for her government responsibilities. No one whose veracity has been so directly challenged, and who does not give a successful defence of her good character, is fit to hold such high government office.

PM Stephen Harper or the responsible minister of the crown should step in and either wholeheartedly support Ms. Lynch or relieve her of her responsibility before all dignity and credibility in her office is irrevocably lost.

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  1. I don't believe Ms.Lynch has or ever had any credibility.

    Rob C

  2. I suggest Mr Hiebert subpoena her before his committee to answer questions under oath. Dare her to perjure herself.

  3. Look for an Ezra column in the NP today.