Friday, July 17, 2009

Do Republicans really want Ignatieff for PM?

There is a relatively new Web site, Republicans for Ignatieff, that purports to be supported by American Republicans who want to see Michael Ignatieff become PM of Canada. It’s a bit of silliness, of course, but it has drawn comments from David AikenKady O’Malley, Warren Kinsella and, apparently, many more. How curious it is that what should be a transparent bit of political flimflam should draw any interest at all from serious political pundits.

I think this speaks volumes about the power and influence of the Internet. Someone can anonymously publish a Web site in the United States and quickly provoke interest and blog posts from some of the most astute political watchers in Canada—even if that interest is but passing. Thinking about it though, perhaps it says more about the lack of news to feed the voracious 24/7 news gathering and distribution networks in place in this country—there just does not seem to be enough real news product to go around.

That’s why, I suppose, the CBC has expended so much effort trying to generate a controversy over PM Stephen Harper having received communion in a Roman Catholic church or being a couple of minutes later than other world leaders for a photo op.

But back to Republicans for Ignatieff. Whoever’s behind the Web site does seem to have something. Given Michael Ignatieff’s own words, one must conclude he is, in fact, among the most pro-American political leaders in the past 50 years or so—perhaps ever—and he certainly is more pro-American than Stephen Harper. Which leader of the opposition has Canada ever had who was on a first name basis with more senior members of the U.S. administration? None that I can think of.

A joke though the Web site may be, there must be many across the political spectrum in the United States who would see Michael Ignatieff as an American “asset” if he were to become PM. He is after all a known quantity who, at least in the recent past, has considered himself one of them.

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  1. "most pro-American political leaders" you're joking right?

    Who was Harper's Chief of Staff from 2001 to 2004? Tom Flanagan. One of the most neo-con political activist in Canada who was also a US citizen and continues to constantly push US style politics and policies on Canadians.

  2. Anon, stay on point, please.

    I do not consider the COF the same as the leader. You have to because it's the only way you can support your defense of the US wannabe leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    When Ignatieff lived and worked in the U.S., he considered himself an American--his words were clear for all to see/hear.

    You can try to re-write history if you must, but I'm not buying it.

  3. Republican is a generic term. Is this really die hard Republican voting conservatives - I think not. Ignatieff has more in common with Obama than with sitting Republicans in the US Senate or Congress. If anything I would line him up with Arlen Spector - a man of political convenience. Cheers Fern StAlbert

  4. re: "Anon, stay on point, please."

    Ok, just to clarify. The current PM and some of his staff are deeply influenced by US GOP people.

    Like, Tom Flanagan. My point is this:
    - Ignatief may have lived and worked in the US and while he was there he may or may not have considered himself American (I say may/may not because I haven't seen or heard the direct quote but I'll take your word for it for the sake of the arugment).

    But here's the thing: Ignatief is upholding and promoting Canadian values:
    - health care
    - Cdn view on global issues
    - etc.

    Harper, with his GOP circle of influencers does not.
    - flanagan is againts health care, think it should be scrapped.
    - Morton (MLA from AB but helped Harper become leader of the CRAP party and PM) who has also born and educated in the US believes that all gay ppl are evil and women shouldn't get the vote.

    So you tell me what's worse for us.

  5. Anon,

    You claim "Ignatief is upholding and promoting Canadian values:
    - health care
    - Cdn view on global issues
    - etc."

    Vague generalities without a scrap of evidence that PM Harper does not also hold similar views.

    Again you're telling me about the views of people in "his GOP circle of influencers". Tell me about PM Harper himself, not others who support him.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them, but I'm moving on now.