Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They voted for him, they got him, now they’d love to dump him

With any luck the untenable situation in Toronto will prove to be an eye opener for the voters in that unfortunate city. Toronto is in crisis yet, quite incredibly, its mayor allows himself  to be barred from holding meetings at city hall, acknowledging that he can no longer guarantee public access to the seat of his government.

Garbage accumulates in the parks, Canada Day celebrations are cancelled, participation in a once-in-a-generation federal infrastructure/stimulus funding program is bungled and the city is in the midst of a crippling strike by municipal workers, but still two-term Mayor David Miller does nothing.

A new poll last week suggests Mayor Miller’s support among Toronto voters has “plummeted”—from 69% four years ago to 43% today—to the point where a majority disapprove of his performance, and he would lose in a race against possible challenger John Tory. Almost daily the mayor’s ineptness and inaction is demonstrating how unsuitable he is for the job with which Toronto voters twice entrusted him.

Shame on the mayor for his mishandling of issues such as the island airport bridge, St. Clair streetcar right-of-way project, expanded bike lanes, the future of the Gardiner Expressway, and the botched request for federal stimulus money.

And shame on the voters that put him there.

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  1. Mare Miller is quite possibly the worst twit in trawna.

    Closely followed by the cupe union executive.

  2. David Miller, union shill masquerading as mayor. Does he ever choose ordinary citizens and taxpayers? Toronto's city council is riddled with lefty ideologists, whose mission is to drive people out of the city and rule with impunity over the civil servants. You really do get the government you deserve. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

  3. why don't they simply elect Buzz Lightbeer Hargrove

  4. "Toronto's city council is riddled with lefty ideologists" by Anon

    It has been so for as long as I can remember back to Sewell. I had hoped that amalgamation would temper Topronto's flirting with the left. It didn't work. I voted against Barbara Hall; not for Mel Lastman. He was the only non leftist in many many years but he also couldn't be pegged with an ideology. He was just a good salesman. He didn't get the job done.

    I had my hopes that John Tory would bring some rationality to the city only to be disappointed by his failure. I want him to try again now that His Smugness Miller is showing his true colours. The trouble is that the Mayor has to control the leftist's on council which is near inmpossible with all the union money going into their pockets and all the provincial silly servants voting left and the CBC Riverdale socialists voting left. The traditional Liberals on St. Clair would be a thorn in Miller's side about now.

    If John Tory wants to win he should go in with a slate of candidates for each and every ward in the city. There is a budding movement centred around Karen Stintz that can be a start.

    We have two years to build a campaign and a platform.

  5. Hoarfrost does have an interesting point in that if John Tory wishes to run for mayor, he does need a slate of candidates to run for councillor positions.

    I would strongly advice Mr. Tory from campaigning on property tax cuts. In my opinion, municipal elections are about community building. He can frame the election such as building a better community of Toronto while managing City Hall better. Tax cuts can come after.

    David Miller may be lousy in running the city as mayor. He is a good at public relations building. Even though many conservative type people may hate his political guts, Mr. Miller can get a strong group of people campaigning on his behalf. He is able to get different community groups working for him. John Tory will need to do the same.

    If John Tory's campaign is "I want tax cuts for the people of Toronto," he will lose.

    If Tory's campaign is "I want better managed and afforable services such as well-run community centres, public transit, and efficient bike lanes," he will have a better shot at winning.

  6. Toronto is becoming more like Chicago, where corruption and patronage is the name of the game.
    Any efforts to do something in the interest of the general public die a slow death in endless council meetings, while anything that favours labour unions or under the table kickback projects get rushed through.
    That is the political culture that spawned the rise and conquest of a community organizer who is now rewarding the movers and shakers who launched him.
    There is no reason to doubt that the same kind of thing happens in TO.

  7. In my view, John Tory should run on efficient government and sound financial management. Balancing the books will be good enough, he need not promise to cut tax.

  8. Agree with above. Torontonians are not looking for tax cuts.

    They are looking for a future that does not see the city looking like Detroit.

  9. It's so easy for people to gripe and complain about politicians. If you're so sure better can be done, do it! Get involved instead of bitterly harping and shrieking about how bad our leadership is.

    I personally think Miller has busted his butt- transformed our garbage toward personal responsibility- (some hate that! I can't just chuck it all? WAhhhh!)

    And his movement toward light rail and bike lanes is what great cities around the world are doing- London, Paris, New York... you want us to be another trashed-out traffic-clogged suburb-city? Just don't do anything.

    Miller is the best we've had in a generation. And I'm no lefty, these issues should not be partisan.

  10. Well, Moosebear, it certainly sounds like you got the government/mayor you deserve and you're welcome to him. Too bad that Toronto residents have to suffer because of it.