Friday, June 19, 2009

No summer election as Chief Grit caves on EI

The House of Commons has approved the Conservative government’s supplementary spending estimates in a bill that had threatened to topple PM Stephen Harper’s minority government. As expected, Bloc Quebecois and New Democrats voted against the bill, which passed comfortably, 214-82.

Earlier this week intrepid Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff demanded that the Conservative government present him with a plan to reform Employment Insurance, but started backing away almost immediately. A few days later, the chief Grit agreed to a working group that would study the problem over the summer and recommend ways to boost employment insurance benefits.

The PM and Mr. Ignatieff have each allowed the other to save face so that a summer election could be avoided—a sensible solution to the sort of stand-off we can expect from a minority government. Neither leader’s election prospects were particularly bright and either could have worsened the position of his respective party.

This is the sort of reasonable behaviour we should expect more of from the leaders of the two main parties. I am pleased that they have shown they can work together in a minority situation without getting involved with the increasingly irrelevant leader of the New Democrats, Jack Layton, and the recalcitrant separatist, Gilles Duceppe.

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  1. Iggiot had booked his European book tour a long time ago so the Lieberals never intended to try bringing down the government - it was all a crock. The guy is even a bigger dork than Dion

  2. Personally i would give the boots to Jack Layton.He was elected to do a job in Parliament and one of his jobs is to make sure the budget is good for Canada and help change the parts that are not.Also most new bills that need to be scrutinized and changed before passage in the house.This idiot doesn't even look at the budget and says he will vote against it.HE IS WORKING FOR CANADA not himself.So he should be leaving his insane,idiotic hate for PM Harper outside of Parliament.And since he can't or wont do his job,he should be booted out of Parliament.