Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michael Coren show at its entertaining best

Michael Coren Show had a good show last night with three strong guests: Wendy Sullivan, Sid Ryan and Ezra Levant. Wendy Sullivan, who blogs as Girl on the Right, more than held her own with the overbearing Michael Coren and the left-right combination of union leader Sid Ryan and journalist and freedom of expression activist, Ezra Levant.

Mind you, the Wendy Sullivan we see on television is a somewhat gentler version of the no-quarter-given Girl on the Right blogger we see on the Web. Her blog is an entertaining read, but it’s strong stuff. Still, she was quick-witted and showed she had a firm grasp of the topics discussed.

Sid Ryan was at his best and surprised me by providing a capable foil to Ezra Levant whose usual brilliance was a bit dulled by some irritating nit-picking and straw-splitting as he used high school debating club tactics to try to keep Sid Ryan off-balance.

Sid’s got a good sense of humour and can be enjoyable when the topic is politically neutral. Where there is any left-right political angle to be found, however, he can be quite a pain. All in all he is an asset to the show—not at all like other regular guests, Andrea Calver and Marilyn Churley who are seldom well informed and are quite humourless.

On a past appearance on the show, Levant tore Andrea Calver to shreds, a feat he could not duplicate with Ryan, at least, not last night.

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