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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jack Layton stretches the credibility envelope

Jack Layton sure does stretch the credibility envelope, doesn’t he? Last fall, he didn’t think PM Stephen Harper’s government was worthy of support at any price. So untrustworthy were the Tories that Mr. Layton said he would reject their January budget sight unseen—which, of course, he did. He couldn’t wait to see the Grits force out the Tories.

Now Jack Layton says he won’t force a confidence vote in the House of Commons in the final weeks of the current Parliamentary session. “I don’t think Canadians would want us to,” he is quoted as saying.

I guess Mr. Layton reads the polls and realizes that any election in the next few months will be a toss up between the Tories and the Grits, with the NDP most likely left with fewer seats in the House.

Ekos has the NDP at 15.1 per cent, while the Grits and Tories are in a virtual tie at 33.5 per cent and 32.3 per cent respectively, and Stephen Harper leads Michael Ignatieff 30 per cent to 26 per cent as “best prime minister.” Greens stand at a creditable 10.4 per cent.

A strong Liberal vote with Greens nibbling away at NDP tail ends, would spell near disaster for an NDP leader who forced a general election at this point—a fact that I’m sure is not lost on Mr. Layton.

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  1. Taliban jack has no credibility, period.


  3. Cluck, Cluck, thinks Jack has a case of "chicken"?