Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it Christine or is it Tim?

Is it Christine or is it Tim? One will win, one will stall; whose the one for all? The fate of Ontario, at least for the next decade or two, lies in the balance. Hardly a week goes by that we are not reminded about the sorry lot we now have governing our province. But I just don’t seem to be able to make up my mind.

I have been leaning towards Christine Elliott, but her stand on the human rights tribunal leaves me cold. I recognize her concern regarding handing the Grits another election issue John Tory-style; however, I believe human rights are more important, in the long run, than the economy or health care, as vitally important as those issues are. Change HR legislation is desperately needed, but I’m not sure she has the will to make any.

Tim Hudak is a good candidate and would likely make a fine conservative premier, but will the people of Ontario give him that chance? I wonder.

Well, we still have time to make up our minds, I may as well use it.

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  1. Tim Hudak and Randy Hillier should be commended for taking a stand against the human rights bureaucracy in Ontario. Do you remember how controversial Mike Harris's welfare reform and elimination of job quotas were? If Christine Elliott and Frank Klees are shying away from the human rights kangaroo courts now, one can only imagine how much resolve they'll show in the general election. Should Mr. Klees or Ms. Elliott win the election, I know they would say, "We'll reform the HRC and tribunals in the second term." How much longer msut these injustices persist? I wish Christine Elliott had taken a stand on the OHRC. I am supporting Tim Hudak #1 and Randy #2.

  2. I'm a Hillier guy by policy, but I have to say that if electability is all that's holding you back from Tim than he's a sure winner -- he'll have the entire Harris team of advisers and most of the existing caucus behind him. We can debate the pros and cons of the policy that both he and Ms. Elliott presented this spring, but I have no doubt that Tim'll win if he becomes leader!

  3. I'm leaning towards Elliott and had a chance to meet her at an event. Her HRC position is to remove the harmful elements that are inconsistent with real courts.

    Coincidentally, Hudak wants to remove the HRCs and then set up special courts for Human Rights cases.

    They actually have essentially the same position, except one of them can win an election.

    That's my reasoning - I may be crazy but I think Elliott has a better shot of beating Dalton.

  4. Hudak is electable. Klees is electable but too left.Hillier is maybe electable but would carry all rural Ontario North ,East and South. Elliot is electable but too far left. Wish we had a proper Convention.

  5. I think it will be neither. I think Frank Klees will come up the middle and win.