Sunday, May 17, 2009

The week that was, wasn’t, or wasn’t was

This past week had much to offer those of us who follow politicians, their triumphs and their shenanigans closely. We saw British Columbia’s single transferrable vote proposal defeated, another welcomed set-back for proportional representation. The Brian Mulroney-Karlheinz Schreiber affair, mercifully, seems one week closer to closure. The Conservative party got its mojo back, and went on the attack against some-time Canadian resident, Michael Ignatieff. And another Liberal MP, Ruby Dhalla, is twisting on the spit of public disdain over her family’s alleged mistreatment of  their domestic staff.

The Globe and Mail’s Christie Blatchford, one of the best things that paper has going for itself, compared Brian Mulroney’s self-confessed “mistake” saying:

… a surgeon who gravely admits removing the wrong limb, defends his work as technically flawless but for that one thing, and expects to be congratulated by the patient for his skill.

Ms. Blatchford does have a way with words—sort of says it all.

Why shouldn’t Michael Ignatieff be criticized for assuming he is qualified to be our prime minister after being out of the country for 34 years. For most of his adult years he contributed zero to Canada, now he feels he is uniquely qualified to lead us? He’s got some brass ones, that’s for sure.

So far, the Dhalla vs. nanny score is: nannies and their advocate, 4 —Ruby, her family and her lawyer, 0. Enough said … for now.

Happy Victoria Day everyone.

© 2009 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Why am I hearing from liberals that the nannies lied and the same ones have done it before. THEY READ IT IN THE STAR. Let's get a definitive commentary about where this issue stands today on Sunday May 17/2009

  2. The latest tidbit, and perhaps the most telling for the future of Canada, is one you also should have included. "Dopey" Dalton McGuinty has informed us all that the socialist Utopia is upon us. He claims that from this time forward it will be the government's role to pick winners and losers in the economy. To paraphrase his words: "From now on business and the unions will have a third partner, and it will be the government."
    We are doomed!!!

  3. Powell Lucas, do you realize that if you ask anyone 'what is the definition of Socialism' they will not know. or maybe some will say it is socializing,.
    And these are the people where the opposition parties and their socialist media like to concentrate on. The least you know of what really is happening to your democratic values-the more of socialism in a 'very inticing way' is poured down your throat.

    I find that the national televised news behave in that manner. they are all uniformed in broadcasting whatever wrongs the liberal did in a very trickle discreet manner-in fact making the liberals' wrongs into a shinning light.

    Whereas, the rights of the prime minister is ridiculed mocked insulted turning into into darkness.
    The uniformal pattern is so remarkable that when you look at one liberal station speaks against the prime minister and our country; you can bet the other liberal media follows the same pattern.

    Innocent canadians who are manipulated daily suffer; we know what's going on therefore it is our duty as fellow citizens to help the uniformed.
    We all live under one flag in this great nation-no one is exempted, excluded, or well-hidden protected from what is to come.
    As we have seen time and time again the opposities socialist parties deny our FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.