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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tamils escalate protests in Toronto

In what Toronto’s Police Chief Bill Blair described as an “unlawful and unsafe” protest, thousands of Tamil protesters surged onto a Toronto highway to call attention to the escalating civilian death  toll in Sri Lanka, on Sunday, May 10, 2009.

Toronto police had to move into position as Tamil supporters blocked the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto, snarling traffic along Lakeshore and other major routes in the downtown core.

I’m very concerned about the safety of children, I think it’s an extremely dangerous situation to put children on the front line of a protest in that way, I think it puts them at tremendous risk.

Bill Blair
Toronto Police Chief

I too am concerned about safety for it seems to me that this latest protest is an escalation in the series of protests by Tamil supporters in Ottawa and Toronto, and earlier in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver.

An escalation of any sort concerning groups who support a terrorist organization—LTTE Tamil Tigers—is troubling indeed, especially since the LTTE have been associated with suicide bombing in public places since the 1980s.

Toronto’s police chief, Bill Blair, is not known for hyperbole, so when he refers to protest as “unlawful” as he is reported to have done on Sunday, alarm bells sound in my mind.

© 2009 Russell G. Campbell

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  1. I was watching the blockage of the Gardiner Expressway protest unfold last night on CTV and was hoping to have some questions answered when the talking head interviewed two of the Tamil organizers.
    No such luck.
    The first Tamil organizer ranted on about how Canada was implicit in their support of the killing of civilians by virtue of their silence.
    The second Tamil organizer said much the same thing.
    The talking head failed to ask the questions that I'm sure many viewers were wondering at that point.
    It was the same on CBC this morning. Lots of coverage about the demonstrations the night before and more ranting by Tamil organizers but no real questions asked.
    If these Tamil demonstraters wanted a platform then CTV and CBC were only too happy to oblige.

    I have two questions that I want answered.
    One: What is the Canadian government doing now about the war in Sri Lanka?
    Two: Considering that the Tamil Tigers are classified as a terrorist group and were the first in the world to begin using suicide bombers to get attention then how far will they go to get attention in Canada?

  2. Lock the bastards up.

  3. It is with great bemusement that I observe the ethnic politics of Toronto the Good. My understanding is that there are approximately 250,000 Tamils in Canada. Do they all live in Toronto - if so that should be enough of a population to start an insurgency, declare victory, sue the UN for country status and separate from Canada. They could have their own "island nation" in the centre of downtown Toronto. After achieving these goals, they could then speed up immigration of fellow citizens from Sri Lanka and solve the problem of the Tamil Tigers in their home country. Everyone will be happy and the world will cheer Canada for its progressive enlighten solution. Cheers Fern StAlbert