Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ruby Dhalla: Insincerity at its hypocritical worst!

For one of the worst examples of a preachy bit of insincerity at its hypocritical worst, take a look at the video at Stephen Taylor’s blog. The video is from about a year ago when Dhalla attempted to “educate” her fellow parliamentarians on the rights and equality of women.

If only we had known then what we know now. Listening to Ruby Dhalla of all people advocating for the rights and equality of women left me speechless and a bit nauseous.

© 2009 Russell G. Campbell

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  1. In the world Dhalla inhabits, there is a strata of people that don't exist. Servants are one of them, as in a caste practicing Indian's mind, they are beneath you and therefor of lesser value.

    Add in the traditional Liberal way of paying lip service to minorities whilst actively working against them, doing very little, and blaming conservatives for it, you have a very toxic mix.