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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MP Ruby Dhalla is finding controversy as hard to swat as a swarm of flies

Former actress and leadership hopeful, Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, finds herself again embroiled in controversy. A couple of months ago she was reported by the Toronto Sun to be trying to block DVD sales of a Bollywood-style movie she co-starred in before being elected to Parliament. Apparently she is shown in some steamy scenes with the film’s producer and co-star Charanjit Sihra.

At that time, Ms. Dhalla confirmed her role in a 2003 Bollywood film, but she claimed the movie’s publicity material, including posters and photos, were doctored—putting her face on someone else’s suggestively posed body.

Controversy dogged her once again while on a trip to India in 2008. The trip became a serious public relations setback when two children were beaten by police after an aide’s purse was stolen, and Ms. Dhalla was portrayed in the Indian media as uncaring about the children’s fate.

Now Ms. Dhalla, a former Miss India-Canada runner-up, is facing allegations of mistreatment by two family nannies, who were hired to take care of her mother and now allege they were illegally employed and maltreated.

The Toronto Star reported today as follows:

The nannies also allege Dhalla improperly seized their passports and family members forced them to do non-nanny jobs such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning family-owned chiropractic clinics.

Magdalene Gordo, 31, and Richelyn Tongson, 37, say they were hired by Dhalla to work at the family home in Mississauga and routinely toiled five days a week, earning $250 a week while working 12- to 16-hour days. The Dhalla family did not obtain the necessary federal approval under the Live-In Caregiver Program for the women to live and work in their home.

The allegations apparently were first made two weeks ago at a public meeting where nannies told two Ontario cabinet ministers that placement agencies and employers are using the federal Live-In Caregiver Program to keep them enslaved.

Ms. Dhalla is reported to be “shocked and appalled” by the nannies’ allegations.

None of this surprises me one bit as I have never viewed Ms. Dhalla as a person of integrity. She is a perfect fit for the Grits, along with the likes of John McCallum and Warren Kinsella. Michael Ignatieff certainly seems to be surrounding himself with a great team.

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  1. Seems strange - the liberals have great memories - McCullum can't remember what kind of car he drives - ruby having nothing to do with these nannies - and did anyone see reporter Greg WEston On The Hill tonight? - basically saying Rudy said she didn't do it - so it can't be true.... after all, she is a liberal, liberal just don't do those things....... Can you imagine all of the above happening to a conservative MP - we would never get rid of Tabor, Oliver and Fife's mug on TV, they would be smugging morning, noon and night.... Easy to see what would happen if the liberals ever got in power again, they would be able to steal us blind again and the media would never report it.... They covered up the adscam for the liberal party, they continue to cover every corrupt story that pledges the liberal party - McCallums' for one - it was quickly dropped, he outright lied!.... It would be a scary situation if they ever got in power again...

  2. from the sounds of it , everything in the article is an allegation, nothing is a fact. before we jump to conclusions and soak up the idea of a juicy story, best to wait and hear all the facts come out first.

  3. Dhalla is a Liar!May 6, 2009 at 2:30 AM

    Right on, Russ! Given the detailed nature of the allegations, I find it hard to believe that they are not true. All these controversies point to her poor character. She walks around pretending to be some champion for immigrants and a benefactor to the community who grew up as Dhalla says "on the wrong side of the tracks in winnipeg" and can relate to the common person. Truth is, now that she has become an MP, she's shown herself to be a real selfish B*****. She jut loves to deny, deny, deny. She only won her riding by 700 votes last election, I hope the constituents of brampton-springdale wake up, and realize what a phony she is and boot her out of office. Her and her family have no class!

  4. Yes, Anon, let's ignore the allegations—tut, tut to us for even mentioning them. Let's ignore all allegations of Liberal misdeeds, but make sure we punish Conservatives for the slightest hint of wrong-doing.

  5. How many times did we hear about this story of RUBY DHALLA on television 24/7. HUSH, it is a secret between the Lib MSM and the LIEBERALS.
    Now, can you imagine this happening to a con mp well, there will be BREAKING NEWS, THE WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS WILL COME OUT, INTERVIEWS WITH EVERY NANNY ON THIS PLANET WILL BE HEARD AND MORE for many days and months.
    Look what the media did when the prime minister missed the photo op.(even though the italian,and korean missed their second photo op), the mainstream media(MSM) was breaking news on this story 24/7.

    Ruby and the LIBS know very well, that their buddies in the CTV CBC etc will keep a lid on the story.
    Don't be surprised that CBC CTV and other liberals diehard media cook up something right now against the conservatives simply to derail the RUBY DHALLA story.

  6. Let's wait and find out exactly who did what, when and how before rushing to convict Ms Dhalla. Once this incident is investigated and proved, then the voters of Brampton Springdale will decide whether or not they want Ms Dhalla respresenting them.