Thursday, May 7, 2009

More bad news for Ruby Dhalla and Lib-bloggers keep silent

As reported on Blue Like You, nanny-gate just keeps getting smellier and smellier. Now, apparently there is a third worker alleging abuse. Is it not so very telling that with such serious allegations of illegal behavior, Liberal bloggers on Liblogs or Libs online were pretty much silent on the issue yesterday? Had this been a Conservative MP, there would have been a feeding frenzy.

Can such blind partisanship be healthy for our society as a whole? I think not. For surely when a legislator offends our national conscience, it is incumbent on us all to speak out and to keep doing so until until the issue is resolved.

Such issues as Ruby Dhalla’s nanny-gate scandal are bigger that any one political party—it is a national disgrace shared by us all.


  1. And why would you expect bloggers to jump on something without adequate information. Why speculate, when the facts haven't been laid down, people can make their decision.

    Although, you do make a solid point. I also tell in shame when I remind people that Harper taxed income trusts -- grasping away billions. Fixing election dates, only to make a mockery of the law.

    It sure is a national disgrace shared by us all.

  2. In other words, replicas, you are just another Lib partisan and Grit actions are always OK.

  3. Story tonight - her Mother was well enough to travel with her on all her foreign trips, if these employees were hired to look after an aging Mother, how did her Mother get medical coverage travelling with someone on Parliament business? Would that be the reason these workers were paid under the table, because they would honestly not be able to be hired under this program! In order words, how many more Liberal MP's are hiding facts? This is becoming more strange by the hour!

  4. where is Mr. Patriot Canadian now, hiding under his bridge???

  5. In other words, Russ Campbell, you are just another Con partisan and Tory actions are always OK.

    Would you Conservatives PLEASE grow up.

  6. Of course the Liberals would never go after someone without any facts. I mean just look at how they defended the rights of the PM to be considered innocent until proven guilty in the Cadman affair.

  7. Stop me if you heard this one befor.

    Olivia Chow is concerned that Ruby Dhalla missed her Committee meeting on Immigration because it may be from the guilt or to avoid questions.
    BUT, Olivia Chow has campaigned in the Spadina Area in 2007 for a "No one is Illgeal" group that encourgaged Human Smuggling from the USA into Toronto.
    Chow and David Miller both endorse the "Don't ask,don't tell" policy for the Police and Schools, this policy was what got Jordan Manners killed because teachers feared an Illegal patrent being exposed from the childs actions that warranted calling the Police.

    Chow would be smart to shut up and avoid calling the oppressor and Law-breaker , Toronto has no clue of the Nationality for the homeless and has no interest in knowing because the Homeless-Industry keep Leftists employed and justifies raising taxes.

    Chow recently attacked Jason Kenny over the issue of Citizenship and learning English, oddly enough Chow defended her position to keep her Mother ignorant and trapped into a isolated lifestyle in China Town with no hope of ever being a Political leader in canada.
    Olivia uses soft-oppression of the elderly and keeps Momma chained to the home and away from those evil English speaking racists.

  8. Lib Blogger Jim Curran discussed it on his blog. However, the whole thing is a little fishy. Jason Kenney has been priming Darm Gill for months and is pushing at getting him elected by launching personal attacks on Dhalla.

    Parm Gill is a Private Investigator. How hard would it be for him to track these women down and offer pull from Kenney to keep them in the country in exchange for nonsensical claims.

    One of the two women worked 11 days and the other three weeks, and were canned A YEAR AGO. They never worked in the house together and yet they launch their complaints together? Something sure doesn't fit.

    We know Gill will stoop to nothing, even having his brother destroy Rhuby Dhallas signs in the 2006 campaign. There's a lot more to the story here.

  9. Emily Dee,

    You are an admitted Conservative Party hater who will back any party, including the socialists, just to vote against the Tories.

    Your childish conspiracy theory is, well, childish.

    What about the two Ontario Liberal cabinet ministers who first heard of the complaints and covered them up? I guess there is no conspiracy of silence there, eh?