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Monday, May 4, 2009

Michael Ignatieff lectures Stephen Harper about understanding Canadians

The unelected leader of the federal Liberal Party Michael Ignatieff was anointed by some 2,000 of the party faithful last weekend at a convention in British Columbia. Apparently, the entire affair was a colossal waste of time and members money—not at all unlike a typical year of Liberal government.

There were no specifics, no policy statements and no new ideas, as the Grits avoided unveiling their platform so that it could be vetted by the other parties, and more importantly, by the Canadian public in general.

I gather that Mr. Ignatieff’s reluctance to discuss or debate policy is based on the assumption that such policy will either be copied by another party or be shredded by the Conservatives before the next election. Evidently, he prefers to see the Tories continue in office doing things he does not believe are the best for Canadians, while all the time keeping his own better solutions to himself and his closest confidants—how very patriotic of him.

It would seem that Mr. Ignatieff intends to coast through his period as official opposition leader—espousing policies on Afghanistan, Israel, Tamils, the United States and the oil sands that are almost identical to the government’s—while casting personal insults at Prime Minister Stephen Harper. If he thinks this will win him power and the office of prime minister, he had better think again.

During a speech at the convention, Mr. Ignatieff at his preachy, schoolmasterly best and with feigned sternness, addressed Prime Minister Stephen Harper directly, declaring: “Mr. Harper, you don’t understand Canada.” Such puffery from a man who has spent most of his adult life living and working abroad.

Perhaps Mr. Ignatieff has spent too much time with the likes of Warren Kinsella and John McCallum, neither of whom seem to have a firm grasp on reality. Just the other day John McCallum seemed to forget what sort of car he drives, perhaps Michael Ignatieff forgets it is Stephen Harper who has spent virtually all of his life in Canada and understands his country very well indeed.

That is why Stephen Harper is prime minister and Michael Ignatieff remains an unelected leader of a second-place party.

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    That's big talk for the team that couldn't hit the broad side of a majority with a shovel.

    Do you hear that whooshing sound?

    It's Harper's government going down the toilet.

    Well written though! I'll give you that much.

  2. Oh anon,
    you said the same thing when Dion was elected,
    then again when the coalition of losers was spawned.

    PMSH is still Prime Minister,
    the Conservatives are still the government.

    So don't bet the farm on Iffy being any more successful than Martin, Dion , Coalition of Losers were.

  3. lol

    The minority Tories in Nova Scotia just fell. Dominoes, anyone?

    I don't know that Ignatieff's sternness was "feigned", I think he's quite serious. And I agree with him. Harper does not "get" Canada or Canadians. He actually thinks he's better than the rest of us; believes that.

  4. Well Susan PM Harper is certainly better than you.Only Liberals and idiots would back a man(iggy) who was dragged back to Canada as a last resort to save the Liberals and get back to the brown envelopes.Keep voting liberal Susan and you will always be a loser.