Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ignatieff’s lukewarm support of Ruby Dhalla

Listen carefully. The shuffling footsteps you hear are from Liberal party chief Michael Ignatieff distancing himself from his former shadow cabinet critic and her sordid nanny-gate scandal. After issuing a brief, non-supportive statement, Mr. Ignatieff actually spoke to the press on Tuesday and answered—well, sort of—questions from media representatives.

He answered a question, “…any views on what you’ve heard so far?”, about Ruby Dhalla and her former nannies’ testimonies before a parliamentary committee yesterday:

I think Ruby made a vigorous defence of her integrity, her honour and her treatment of these—the people in her employ.

Oops. “…the people in her employ.” Does Mr. Ignatieff know something we do not. From the start, Ms. Dhalla has denied employing the nannies, stating repeatedly that her mother and brother are the ones involved with the former household servants.

Later Mr. Ignatieff refused to explain whether he believed the nannies were lying. He answered that:

My view is that Ms. Dhalla made a very clear defence of her position and she has—and what she said today is consistent with what she has told me.”

But he refused to say if he believed the nannies were lying. Could it be Michael Ignatieff was covering his ass here? I’m not surprised. The only high-profile Liberals to publicly support Ms. Dhalla have been MPs Bob Rae and Judy Sgro.

The lack of support Ruby Dhalla has received from fellow caucus members is curious and adds another facet to this tale.


© 2009 Russell G. Campbell


  1. What's the problem here, I thought the liberals support each other like 'thick as thieves' whether it is in corruption thievery and supporting what are considered terrorist groups.

  2. I Ruby Dhalla, I Ruby Dhalla, I Ruby Dhalla - what a self centred puke!

  3. Still wondering how Iggy has finessed himself out of being a full-fledged supporter of the coalition on national TV.

  4. No current nor ex-employees coming to sweet Ruby's defence either.