Friday, May 8, 2009

Grits abandon Ruby Dhalla

Ruby Dhalla, a take-no-prisoners partisan Liberal politician, now finds herself being called to account for unproven allegations that show no signs of going away. For many who have followed her rise to power within Grit party ranks, this is considered a sort of rough justice.

So often before, when the opposition has gone after Conservatives for unproven allegations of wrongdoing, Ms. Dhalla has been front and centre in Grit attacks. Ever so ready to put the negative spin on Tory actions, she has relentlessly carried the attack against her political opponents. It isn’t any wonder then that there is little sympathy being shown for her plight.

Bob Rae, the apparent Liberal point man on this file, has been noticeably restrained in his defence of Ms. Dhalla. His very careful, rather tepid observation was, “She [Ms. Dhalla] feels very strongly that the allegations against her are not true.” Ouch!

MP Judy Sgro, former immigration minister, is apparently the only Grit speaking out publicly for Ms. Dhalla; other fellow caucus members have, for the most part, remained silent. Perhaps Ms. Sgro is more sympathetic because she knows first hand what it’s like to face a storm of negative publicity. In 2004-05, while she was immigration minister, Sgro was accused of using temporary residence permits as political favours. She stepped down as minister, but was cleared later of any wrongdoing.

And what of Michael Ignatieff?

This morning I accepted Ruby Dhalla's resignation as Youth & Multiculturalism Critic. Ms. Dhalla will continue to serve as the Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale. I look forward to a determination of the facts regarding her family's experience with live-in caregivers.

A written statement, not given in person. Hardly a ringing endorsement for someone who, in 2006, was the Ignatieff Leadership Campaign’s national co-chair.

I can see no way this exploding scandal can end any way but badly for Ms. Dhalla and her family. The allegations, if true, are serious enough to land someone in jail.

Now Ms. Dhalla is left to fight on alone—virtually abandoned by her political colleagues. She won’t be the first politician to learn the lesson that what goes around, comes around.

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  1. The irony is amazing, I remember how fast the Grits tried to blame Harper for the Maher Arar issue even though it happened under Chretien/Martin/and Graham.

    I also remember when William Sampson was left in a Saudi jail to rot while being tortured from allegations that he was a terrorist and mock Muhhamed, this too was under a Liberal Government BUT Mr.Sampson was finally freed from the pressure put on the Saudis by the U.K. .
    After this scandal , the Liberal's paraded around M.P. dan McTeague who tried to claim that HE got Sampson released.
    McTeague plays to his Pro Shariah law voters in Pickering and had the nerve to portray the crisis as a success because Mr.Sampson avoided a beheading as the Liberals tolerated the Torture under Graham's Soft-Diplomacy.

    Olivia Chow is quite the farce right now for attacking MP Dhalla,this because back in 2007 MP Chow was at a rally on Spadina Street to support the "No one is Illegal" groups that endorsed the Human-Smuggling into canada from the USA ever since the new 3rd Country refugee rule came in place.

    Chow also endorses the Toronto Schools Policy of "Don't ask,don't tell" for Illegal or gun crimes,this is what got Jordan Manners shot to death right in the School hallway while not one person heard a shot or reported the problem for 15 minutes.

    Lets see how the NDP MP Chow starts casting the first stones at Mp Dhalla.