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Monday, May 4, 2009

Good sense from Christine Elliott, good news for Ontario

The only female candidate to challenge for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, Christine Elliott, is promising to fight for federal government reform of  Employment Insurance (EI) so that it will be more responsive to the current needs of Ontarians.

In her statement today, Ms. Elliott said:

Ideally, the federal government will quickly reform EI to better meet Ontario’s needs. But if this is not possible, then the province can consider opting out of EI. We can shape our own future by designing and implementing a replacement EI system that will better meet the needs of working Ontarians.

The need to make changes to the EI program is accepted by most political parties and will almost certainly become a Conservative government initiative within the next few weeks. It is the sort of thing that resonates well with voters and that can gain consensus in parliament. Passing EI reform legislation will be good for Canadians and will give Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton something over which to fight for the credit for “forcing” Stephen Harper to accept their position—a win, win, win proposition.

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  1. Work 9 get paid for 52 leads to a welfare state, how is this a good idea?
    Don't think it will? History says otherwise, just look what happened when welfare was easy to get, or EI in Newfoundland...Welfare state.
    Is it smart to keep making the same mistakes?

  2. Forgive me, but is Christine Elliot really basing the crux of her campaign on opposing and reforming federal financial initiatives (HST, EI) in the hands of her husband? I know political couples don't always see eye to eye and may differ widely on different positions, but for one to be in office enacting the proposals the other is campaigning in some degree of opposition to is... bizarre. Barring a Berlusconi style break-up I can guarantee that on the off chance she got in that no one would ever let her forget it.