Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garth Turner no-show on Michael Coren Show

Viewers who tuned in to the Michael Coren Show last night (Tuesday night) were disappointed to find a re-run instead of journalist and former politician Garth Turner going one on one with host, Michael Coren. Apparently, Turner failed to show up and gave no prior warning nor any explanation.

I have been a critic of Garth Turner since early in his last term as a Tory back-bencher, however, I’m now beginning to wonder whether the man deserves more pity than scorn. I hope we are not watching a public melt-down of someone who back in the late eighties, early nineties was a useful and popular public figure, who had a loyal following well beyond his Burlington-Oakville home base.

Turner has shown poor political judgment during the past several years culminating with his defeat in last federal election. And recently he found himself in more controversy when, as Stuart Woods reported at Quill & Quire, his book “was set to go on sale last Friday [Apr. 24], but an allegation of defamation made by The Canadian Press forced publisher Key Porter Books to delay the release.” Publisher, Key Porter Books, subsequently agreed to a “clarification” that they will paste on the inside cover of all copies of the book.

Now, Turner’s snubbing of a popular TV show that was sure to give wide exposure to his new book does not sound particularly rational to me. Is this another example of his poor judgment or simply a case of him being rude and vindictive?

Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation. We’ll have to watch the show tonight to hear what Michael Coren has to say about the cancellation.


  1. This may be why he was a no show on
    Coren's show:

    Of course it may also have been the reason why he was going on in the first place.

    Either why, Turner's a loser.

  2. Perhaps it's the fact that Garth couldn't think of another lie that would cover up the lie in his book regarding Corens show.

  3. Garth is a lame turd, a narcissist of the first order and now proves he is a moral coward for failing to show up on the show.

    He knew Coren would rip him a new one

  4. Garth Turner has been living in a fantasyland of his own ambitions for sometime. I think he is blurring reality with another dimension (delusion). His performance during the recent Federal election was disgraceful. I also think he used this opportunity to give Michael Coren the middle finger salute. Cheers fernstalbert

  5. Michael Coren started his show off last Friday talking about the very incident that Paul M links to above and stated at that time that he was going to ask Garth about it on Tuesday and his response would be very interesting.
    He gave Garth a heads-up and Garth headed for the hills.