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Thursday, May 7, 2009

For too many Liberals, truth is an illusive last resort

By what moral compass are Liberals leaders like Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff guided that would allow liars to retain high office in their parties. Consider Liberal Finance Critic John McCallum—one of Michael Ignatieff’s go-to spokespersons. He out and out lied to avoid divulging the fact he did not drive a North American car. He later recanted and admitted he “… said the wrong thing without thinking” when he inaccurately told a Windsor Star reporter that he owned a North American-built car.

At least, John McCallum had the good sense to admit he had lied without thinking. What’s Dalton McGuinty’s Minister of Labour Peter Fonseca’s excuse, I wonder? Yesterday in Question Period, Mr. Fonseca claimed that he spoke to federal Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney after he heard the Ruby Dhalla family caregivers’ stories, and told him about shortcomings in the programs by which the caregivers are allowed to remain in Canada.

Apparently Mr. Fonseca was telling a lie, for Mr. Kenney’s office sent an e-mail during Question Period to Ontario MPP Lisa MacLeod, to set the record straight by stating, “… Minister Fonseca has never raised the issue … with Minister Kenney.”

Yet, both senior Liberals continue to hold some of the highest political offices available to their parties. Their lies have not, at least so far, had consequences—except to increase the contempt in which so many Canadians hold all politicians.

For me, it is not the “size” of their lies, it’s the fact the acts of deception came so quickly and easily to their minds and to their tongues. Their first thoughts were to lie.

Now take the case of embattled Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, the former critic for youth and multiculturalism. Even as the stench of scandal permeates the air about her, she can’t help being disingenuous. As Steve Janke of the popular Angry in the Great White North blog points out, facing serious allegations that she illegally hired live-in nannies to take care of her generally healthy mother, Ms. Dhalla is calling for the federal ethics commissioner to “… to commence a review to ensure that this matter is resolved in a fair and objective manner.”

Surely Ms. Dhalla knows full well that Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson is responsible for helping MPs avoid conflicts of interest and administering the Conflict of Interest Code for MPs. She does not have jurisdiction over other misdeeds MPs might get up to. Ms. Dhalla might as well be referring her current difficulties to the CBC ombudsman, for all the good it will do. Should she not have asked for an investigation by the Ontario Labour Ministry, or possibly a federal Immigration investigation? You’d think so, but that would mean you were assuming she really did want to get to the truth.

So why does she even bother? Well, I can only guess, of course, but I’d say it creates a smoke screen and buys her time. She isn’t thinking clearly so she retreats behind obfuscation.

Lies, half-truths, obfuscation and disingenuousness are the tried and true devices by which Liberals avoid paying for their misdeeds. Only after all these have failed are we likely hear the truth and to see them get their comeuppances.

God help Canada for You know Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff won’t.

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  1. Has anyone ever asked Mr. Fonseca about the nanny he employs? Guess everyone missed that one.

  2. McCallum, most of us recall has always had a "poor" memory. He didn't get the nickname boozy as in boozy McCallum for having a fondness for herbal tea.

    McCallum's incompetence was recognized by ole Cretin when he was demoted from DND to revenue minister. Too bad the Count was out of town serving the american empire at one of it's most elitist universities that he missed seeing just how much of a fool boozy was in cabinet..... bring back scott brison!