Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everything old is new again

The new look over at Joanne’s Blue Like You blog inspired me to update my Cycroft.com home page. So last week I updated some links and added a News & Views section. Over time, I want this site to develop into a comprehensive Web portal covering various interests of mine, including technology, politics, photography, birding, family research and creative writing—along with commentary on politics and social issues, which are covered here and my photography, which I cover in my photo blog, The Way I See It.

I’ve also compiled and published quite a number of my Web bookmarks as a “directory of Web resources,” providing links to some of the Internet’s most interesting and informative places and spaces. The directory will be, I believe, of interest to most Web surfers, but especially to bloggers, journalist and students who will find it an invaluable resource.

You can see my new home page and the directory by visiting Cycroft.com and following the link to “Web Resources (links).”

© 2009 Russell G. Campbell

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