Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did Don Newman jump or was he pushed?

So, what do you think: did Don Newman jump into early retirement or was he pushed? Apparently, senior CBC sources have confirmed the plan to cancel CBC Newsworld’s Politics television show. So, no show, no Don or was it no Don, no show?

I tend to watch Power Play at 5:00 p.m. over at CTV, but do tune in to Politics quite often (I record it for later viewing). I have been a fan of host Don Newman for several years, but there is no denying the left-Lib bias of the show. This constant bias is rather irritating and I find Power Play less so.

For years the situation was reversed: I regularly watched Newman’s show and recorded Mike Duffy for later viewing. But the irrelevant punditry, with pundits, politicians and others with vested interests virtually reading from their scripted talking points became too much for me. Politics too often went for the easy story even when the issues involved really didn’t matter a whole lot.

According to the CBC Web site, Don Newman has “opted for the voluntary retirement incentive.” I wonder if he opted out because he knew of the fate awaiting his show?

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  1. I listen tot he podcast version of Politics with Don Newman literally every day. Newman is one of the most unbiased guys in the MSM, and certainly makes a greater effort to stay neutral than any other CBC personality I've seen.

    I find Power Play to be a lot more left-biased, and I can't watch it anymore.

  2. We certainly won't miss extremist Newman, or any of the hundreds of affirmative action, far-left bimbos who might go with him.

    Rather than annually increasing funding for the far-left bias CBC a legitimate small-c fiscal, social, and/or judicial conservative Canadian Prime Minister would immediate eradicate this left bias, bimbo-driven English and French embarrassment called the Comrade Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). If not abolished, this far-left bias corporation should join the pay-for-view society thereby allowing the extreme left to continue watching/listening to the CBC’s fanatical, radical left-bias debris.

    Canadians voted for what we thought was the above mention conservative PM however, surprise, surprise, we currently have a left-plunging fiscal liberal who is inflicting us with a structural, long term, deficit which is generational thief.

    In an age of numerous Canadian television and radio networks, satellite networks, and of course the internet, there is no longer any requisite for a government-owned, and tax payers paid for, TV and/or radio network; especially one ran by left-wing affirmative action bimbos and watched/ listened to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes.


  3. It certainly isn't a big loss. I too, stopped watching a while ago; I found there was less and less to learn and more partisan rhetoric from the MP's, party spokespeople and pundits - they even turned me off on "experts" from academia; they seemed to seek out only those that would support their entrenched bias. CBC should shut down its Toronto offices and disperse the funds to local outlets that can produce local news and highlight local issues - they have done the reverse in recent years concentrating on telling us all what Toronto thinks - unfortunately the whole network is becoming a vast waste of time - pity.

  4. I found used to watch newman and mdl, power play quite faithfully. But now I record both and find myself fast forwarding large chunks of it. Talking point debates were just oo much.

  5. The simpler explanation: no longer able to source the vacuum tubes for Newman's Cold War-era animatronics, the CBC decided it was cheaper to scrap him rather than order a state-of-the-art version from Japan.

  6. the next one to scrap is 'at issues' three reporters and non reporter mansbridge discuss what not to discuss; corruption, missing millions etc. the usual 'you know don't tell' issues.

    Tom Clark who is no better, thinks he is a better reporter.NOT SO.

  7. that you mention it, if you removed Newman's face plate, would he look like the cyborgs in Westworld?

    'They' could always source out the tubes from where the Canadian navy does for some of its ships..former east block countries..