Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dhalla’s lawyer suggests she’s victim of political smear

In a press conference on Friday, MP Ruby Dhalla’s lawyer apparently made vague references a conspiracy to ruin his client’s career—that she was the victim of a politically motivated smear campaign. Her lawyer did most of the talking; Ms. Dhalla limited her words to a prepared statement and brief closing comments.

Her lawyer said:

It’s a travesty that these false allegations have been deliberately made in a purposeful attempt to destroy Dr. Dhalla’s career and credibility. There’s no truth to them.

The only question is, who’s really behind them and who orchestrated or assisted or enabled these former employees of her brother to suddenly come forward one year after the last of them worked providing care for her mother?

The allegations were made about two weeks ago at a public meeting held by Education Minister Kathleen Wynne and Labour Minister Peter Fonseca after a Toronto Star newspaper investigation exposed widespread abuse in a program that allows Canadians to hire foreign caregivers to look after children, the elderly or people with disabilities.

The news conference added no new information that I can see—other than, of course, the suggestion that this is a conspiracy to “get” Ms. Dhalla. The wacko conspiracy theorists will have a ball with this one.


  1. TangoJuliette sez:

    Yah! Yah! Dat's it!! Bloody Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The last time I heard a leftoid lassie utter them identical immortal words, was some gal in the white house after her spouse got outed as a tonsil polisher epiglottis massager of easily-duped gals almost the same age as his daughter.

    Ya know -Billie boy doing orals in the oval.

    Uh-huh. Extreme and evil V.R.W.C. I hope that notorious "right wing rag," the Tronto Star [Canada's official voice of anything liberal in this country] sues the asses off Ruby and her lawyer. Looks like he's got a Ukrainian sounding name. Also looks like his soul don't quite match the package.

    "The Toronto Star" -- only in the depths of the most delusional minds, of trapped, cornered liberal weasels, ferrets and rats, could the official organ of Canadian Liberalism ever be considered as a pliable tool or manipulatable stooge of some sort of "smearing, dung-tossing lynch-mob, driven by the evil machinations of some nefarious vast right wing conspiracy."

    Don'tcha just love it when Bobbi Ray, in his patented imitation of Columbo faking Elmer Fudd channeling L. Bowels Pearson, utters this sort of deathless prose??

    I am just soooo glad that my keepers insist that I be kept in industrial strength heavy-duty Depends. [btw - that last comment is my last attempt at 'dry' humour]

    Bobbie Ray always bring a chuckle to my life. These day it's a struggle to keep me shorts dry.

    Ha-ha-ha - - oops!


    t.e. & o.e.

  2. And of course she is going to appeal to the 'liberal' Ethics Commissioner whose mandate has nothing to do with these charges.

    The Naùtional Post's article focuses on the lawyer's bluster and finishes with Ruby's bluster, so you would think she is the victim, instead of the employees. If of course they have to appear before the Ethics Commissioner they may regret complaining cuz it will cost them a lot in money and time to appear.

  3. I have been watching the Ruby episode with great interest, I am particularly amused by Iggy’s lack or support or even positive comment regarding this matter.

    But first I have to say that I’m astounded by the general tone of the comments in the various media blog and comment sections of the Nannygate articles.

    The conservative bloggers/comments are generally sly digs that the movie star MP, is getting slammed by the media with varying levels of satisfaction.

    The Liberal comments are either demands that we wait till the full inquiry is done before we accuse, condemn etc. however there is an undercurrent of demands that the caregiver program be shut down with an over riding sense that these caregivers should not be complaining about the treatment.

    It’s perhaps the most telling that the more liberal/left wing of the comments, the more demands that the program be stopped. Not because of the poor work condition, not because the caregivers are often abused, not because the caregivers are often manipulated not only by the clients but also the agencies that arrange the position.

    No the reason that they want the program shut down is because some of the ladies had the gumption to stand up and actually make a complaint about the conditions.

    It’s also interesting to note that the common thread through not only Ruby’s workers, but also it appears in other cases, is that they take the passports of these ladies and hold on to them.

    One of the most common threads in an abusive family relationship is that the abuser ensures that all of their victims are isolated. Often they make sure that a support system such as a family and friends become estranged from the victim or isolate them through controlling transportation, communication and/or financial resources.

    I would think that bringing someone from another country, another culture, and frequently another religion, and then remove the only link to home, such as a passport sure looks like an attempt to isolate to me.

  4. I heard Iggy on the radio and all he said was that " I fully support Ms.Dhalla to defend herself".


    Say what....since when did all us voters NOT want Justice or Human Rights to be deemed Innocent until the evidence proves a Guilt?
    Are Liberals now taking the Moral High-ground as if we voters are too stupid to comprehend the Charter Of Rights and the implied
    freedom for defending ourselves from false claims of criminal actions?

    I'm surprised that Iggy didn't also tell the media that Liberals support Human-Rights and condemn all Child-abuse.
    Watch for another $30 million dollar federal Inquiry where not one Politician will be held accountible for their crimes as in the AdScam thefts for OUR tax dollars.