Friday, May 8, 2009

$2 million settlement for woman repeatedly raped by a Roman Catholic priest

I just love it when Michael Coren, of CTS television’s Michael Coren Show plays the part of apologist for the Roman Catholic Church. He’s at his huffiest best when trying to alibi misbehavior by Roman Catholic priests, or when explaining the Pope’s more mystifying edicts such as when in Mar. 2009 the pontiff declared Africans should not be using condoms in their fight against HIV and Aids, asserting that such use could make the problem worse. Or when Pope Benedict recently lifted the excommunication of Richard Williamson, the former Catholic bishop.

It isn’t so much that I disagree with all that he has to say—I have a great deal of gratitude for my treatment by roman Catholic nuns in whose care I was placed as a child—it is more the rhetorical cartwheels Mr. Coren indulges in as he tries to explain away some of the most antisocial behaviour we are ever likely to see.

Today I read that an Ontario woman, who was repeatedly raped by a Roman Catholic priest while she was a girl, has received what is believed to be the largest individual settlement in a sexual abuse case in Canada—$2 million.

This is another of the too-frequently occurring misdeeds that make me question why anyone should bother with organized religion these days, and especially why Canadian tax payers should allow these organizations to retain their non-taxable status.

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  1. Organized religions should pay their full tax load, just like everyone else. No exceptions. What’s it based on? What’s the premise? Because they do good work for people? Well I could say that about many originations and service groups who have to pay their full share of taxation. Or is it based on the fact that they believe in the supernatural? No excuse, they should pay their taxes.