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Monday, April 20, 2009

When not in power, Liberals show disdain for parliament

The so-called “natural governing party” of Canada, those duplicitous Liberals, have little interest in and respect for the House of Commons, except, of course, when  they are the ones calling the shots. Long has this been obvious, but seldom are we able to see such clear proof of their casual disregard for our parliament.

Notwithstanding Michael Ignatieff ’s vow that his party would no longer avoid votes in Parliament, Grits missed three times as many votes in the House so far this year as have Tory members.

Their record is nothing short of shameful: Liberal MPs did not participate in about 12 per cent of the recorded votes on bills and motions in the House of Commons during the current parliamentary session that began in January. In comparison, Tory MPs skipped 4 per cent.

The Grits have posted the worst record for voting in the House of the four parties represented there. They voted fewer times on average than Bloc Québécois MPs, whose members have nothing but disdain for anything Canadian. As a small measure of consolation, when Grits did vote, at least, they voted the right way, supporting the governing Tories 79 per cent of the time. By contrast, Bloc MPs supported the government on only 14 per cent of votes.

When Stéphane Dion was their leader, the Liberals repeatedly opposed government legislation when talking to the press, but failed to attend the House in numbers sufficient to defeat the very bills or motions they claimed to oppose. Their MPs managed to participate, on average, in only 64 per cent of recorded votes. Asked last fall whether he would continue the strategy, Mr. Ignatieff said that his party was “tired of sitting down.”

Apparently, like so much of what Mr. Ignatieff says these days, his words did not convey his intentions—the record speaks for itself.

[Source: Ottawa Citizen]

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  1. The Libs have it correct.
    If you can't stand up - Sit down.
    If you can't sit down - Lay down.
    They certainly have that move down pat!