Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tories can stay home, they have done it before

From time to time I hear or read the sentiment expressed that goes something like: the Conservative Party of Canada does not have to cater to small “c” conservatives; after all, where else can they go?

Yes, I fear the Tory back-room boys are mindful of this as they craft government policy and decide on priorities.

It seems a reasonable question, but as John Tory and his provincial Progressive Conservatives painfully discovered, alienated conservatives who cannot bring themselves to vote Liberal or NDP simply stay at home on election day or vote Green, which amounts to about the same thing.

The lesson for Conservatives to learn from the faith-based school funding fiasco during the last provincial election in Ontario is as follows:

While conservatives might be patient and suffer silently through long periods of incremental change, they are not easily duped. And to alienate the party’s conservative base with too much pandering to and currying favour with Quebec and the rest of liberal Canada is to lose votes even if the votes are not lost directly to the Grits and NDP.


  1. Excellent point. As you said, John Tory found this out and that is why he is no longer party leader, let alone premier.

  2. The OPC is now a lapdog to the CPC.
    The Ontario CPC MPs are all coming out to support Christine.
    Not good.

  3. Here's hoping they set up the first injection drug site in your neighbourhood then.

  4. I would love to see the R.O.C. vote as a block to thwart the Liberal vote in Quebec.

  5. Well, at least there is a choice! In B.C., we have no conservative party - save a rump. There are two candidates in my riding: Liberal and Green. I can not even vote against the carbon tax in protest.

  6. L, when a political party agrees on a platform at a policy convention then rules in a much different fashion, then choice becomes quite muddled. I do feel for you though for, yes, I at lest have a choice.