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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes a lie reveals more than the truth

Steve Janke over at Angry in the Great White North alerts us to a fib told by former Liberal cabinet minister, John McCallum. Apparently, the self-righteous ex-banker, who currently serves as Liberal Finance Critic, told reporters that he[McCallumJohn[8].jpg] drives a  North American car, a statement he later recanted in a telephone call to a newspaper and confirmed in an e-mail.

Last autumn, the Canadian public was subjected to a litany of half-truths, prevarication and downright lies from those who tried desperately to convince us that the Liberal-NDP coalition, backed by the Bloc, was anything but a cynical left-wing political conspiracy to grab power from the legally elected Conservative government. So false were their claims that they could not even convince their new leader, Michael Ignatieff, of their veracity.

During that period, the mendacity of  former Liberal cabinet ministers like Scott Brison, Ralph Goodale and John McCallum was enough to induce nausea. And none were worse than the old master spin-doctor, John McCallum. I don’t believe a word this man says when it comes to politics. Like so many senior Grits before him, McCallum can spin a silk purse out of cat gut.

It is remarkably telling that, on so trivial an issue, McCallum’s first instinct was to lie. Not at all surprising, but remarkable.

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  1. Re : "It is remarkably telling that, on so trivial an issue, McCallum’s first instinct was to lie. Not at all surprising, but remarkable."

    Isn't he a Banker?

    Enough said!

  2. So what else is new with these FIBERALS. They can't see the truth past their own noses.It's quite evident that this person can't handle the truth without scratching it. Facts that are not faced, have a habit in stabbing the Liberals in the back. It's obvious that this party keeps on practising politics which consists of ignoring the facts. As the writer "Scott" once wrote - "Oh that a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive". No truer words were spoken.
    The FIBERALS are past grand masters of this propaganda script.

  3. I can't stand John McCallum. As an economist, I find it insulting that he is proclaimed to be an "expert" in the field. Most of what he says doesn't make any sense and is as deeply partisan as one can be. Here I was under the impression that Milton Friedman had successfully debunked the Keynesian Economic Model...

  4. McCallum likes to say ," It's in our dna" when talking about the countrys finances . It's also in the liberal dna when talking about anything . the first instinct is to lie.