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Monday, April 13, 2009

PM’s batting 600

According to results of a poll conducted for Canwest News Service and Global National by Ipsos Reid, six in ten Canadians gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government at least a “C” grade. And six in ten think the Tories have the Canadian economy “on the right track.”

Fifty-nine per cent gave the government good marks—nine per cent an “A” or better and 50 per cent a “B” or “C” for “somewhat good.” Thirty-one per cent awarded a “D” for “somewhat bad” and 11 per cent gave an “F” for failure.

In Quebec, of course, the results were quite different. There, only 40 per cent gave a good grade, and 16 per cent awarded an “F” for failure.

Taken on a national basis, there’s something to brag about here, everything considered.

The online survey of 2,035 adults conducted Mar. 30 through Apr. 6 is considered accurate within plus or minus 2.2 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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  1. I honestly think it is time we as "bloggers" exposed the fact that Donaldo's polls are extremely bias. After all, I read today, he was a former President of the Liberal Party - now think about that one - could he possibly be bias towards the party he once was President of - the liberals appointed him so he could swing all results in their favour. Just listen to him on TV - especially when Jane Tabor or Oliver interviews him - he always has negatives against PM Harper regardless of the results. This is crazy to openly allow a know liberal to run his mouth off to Canadians about a bias poll in favour of his party every month.... The liberals get enough of free advertisement from Tabor and Oliver - and now we find out a former President of the Liberal Party is running bias polls..... How crazy is the media getting to be?

  2. Sorry Not good enough..They need 99% support to get mentioned in the Toronto rags.Maybe they had better start stealing money or creating another adscam.

  3. Sorry not a high enough approval rating for the MSM to comment on.They need at least 99% because they are Conservative.Or they could start filling up the brown envelopes (a la Liberal style)wink wink nudge nudge.Or maybe an adscam would get them some headlines.Good Government doesn,t mean crap to these slimy msm,and good polls wont get mentioned for sure.