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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now there are two

The list of candidates in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s leadership race just got even shorter at my house. Starting with the original list of Tim Hudak, Christine Elliot, Randy  Hillier and Frank Klees, we have shortened the list by two names, Frank Klees and Randy Hillier, as we try to decide who to vote for in June. 

Last Wednesday we decided we could not vote for Frank Klees despite how much we appreciate his long service to our party. Today we made another difficult decision and dropped Randy Hillier from further consideration.

Mr. Hillier is, by all accounts, a fine fellow and valuable member of the PC Ontario caucus. He is a conservative through and through. Let’s face it, all four candidates are. We do find, however, that he lacks the kind of intellectual depth and breadth we are looking for—the “gravitas” one expects to find in the leader of the 25th largest economy in the world.

It is hard to explain, but certain individuals have that extra something that marks them as material for high office, and unfortunately I do not see that in Mr. Hillier. He has good individual policies, but they are two much rooted in the past and do not inspire me or rally me to a cause, except that they are, in broad terms, conservative. I just cannot see this man leading us out of the political wilderness, because I really don’t think the voters of Ontario will give him the chance to govern them as premier.

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  1. The political class has led the province of Ontario and Canada to the edge of disaster. There is no limit to their self aggrandizing conceit. They know how every minute of your life and every penny of your money should be spent.

    Randy Hillier is a traditional Citizen Legislator. He isn’t a pampered insider. He is the ultimate outsider. He is what we need now while there is still a vestige of freedom.

    His three opponents are nothing more than political suits. The reason none will actually come out with a philosophical stance is that they don’t dare offend anyone. They are unable to risk slowing or turning the ship of state as it sails on into oblivion.

  2. BillM,

    Your assessment, “Randy Hillier is a traditional Citizen Legislator. He isn’t a pampered insider. He is the ultimate outsider. He is what we need now while there is still a vestige of freedom,” is correct in most respects, but not regarding his suitability as premier.

    With the dozens and dozens of priorities he must face as premier, how does repealing the Pit Bull ban and bringing back Ontario’s spring bear hunt rate being on his short-list. This lack of proportion is his Achilles' heel.

  3. Hillier proposes to abolish the HRC's. In my book that gets my vote. I posted a few days ago that I support the pit bull ban but the arrogant and antidemocratic Hrc's are the greatest menace to our society.

    To my knowledge none of the other leadership hopefuls has deigned to comment on their position.

  4. Hoarfrost, although I agree with you about wanting to abolish the HRCs, this is not sufficient to gain my vote.

  5. With all due respect, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. You want to be taken care of by the government in spite of all the evidence that suggests that government is, in fact, the problem. A platform built on liberty and individual rights implies that the government will get out of the way of citizens and let them decide for themselves. Liberty and individual rights don't require grandiose "visions" to which the rabble must march in lockstep. To that extent, Hillier displays far more depth and understanding of human nature than the other paternalistic candidates.

  6. In other words, what you're saying is, he's a lightweight. He may be a great guy and have some good ideas, but he can't play on the biggest stage.

  7. Not a “lightweight” at all, Rightguy. Just not my idea of a statesman ready to lead the 25th largest economy in the world.