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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kudos to Crocodile Morsels

Kudos to Paul MacDonald at Crocodile Morsels for an excellent post on the issue of the “modern conservative movement … becoming nothing but a refuge for luddites and the religious,” and taking Kate McMillan at Small Dead Animals to task for a link to Fjordman.

Here’s a excerpt from his post, If I'm Alone In This, Then So Be It:

“It was becoming apparent that I was not a modern conservative, because the modern conservative movement is becoming nothing but a refuge for luddites and the religious. There is no place for an atheist who is a big fan of science. There is no place for rational discourse. There can't be when the best conservative blog of last year tacitly approves Fjordman's stance.”

Mr. MacDonald asks, “So, where does an atheist who dislikes big government and high taxes go?” If he ever finds an answer, I hope he’ll post it for I too am looking for just such a place.

And no, Paul, you are not alone.

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  1. Well, it's nice to know that there is more than one of us. Thanks for the trackback, Russ.

  2. First mistake-SDA should not be used as a measure of modern conservatism. It's like conserva-porn meant to entertain those with a conservative libertarian perspective.

    There are more serious players to turn to - that closer represent modern conservative philosophy, for serious discussions on where conservatism is. That doesn't include Rush, or Kate-although they do have a needed role.

    The National Post has been running a series of exerts from speakers at Mannings' conference- which are some good reads on various conservative perspectives.
    Also, commentators and bloggers, like Raph Alexander, are out there-who may fit sought description. In fact, I think they may be more common than most realize.

  3. Let me summarize your logic - because some conservative blogs are far right or religious there is no place for you in the conservative movement? I'm willing to bet there are more atheist Blogging Tories than strictly religious ones. Me thinks you are manufacturing problems.