Friday, April 24, 2009

Is PC Ontario backing the right horses

The folks over at PC Ontario Grassroots Voice have an on-line poll going on “What are your views on the Harmonized Sales Tax?” As of 2:20 p.m. on April 24, 62 votes have been cast. The “implement at 10%” option has a clear lead at 45.2%. The “No way” vote is at only 21%. Taking all the “implement options” in total, the vote is 63% in favour of harmonization and an additional 11.3% voted “In favour, just not now.”

There are not enough votes to declare a winner, I know, but consensus of opinion among business people and economists nationwide is that harmonization is a fairer, more cost-effective and more administratively efficient method of taxing consumption in Ontario. Why then are our PC Ontario representatives so adamant that harmonization not go forward?

Surely it must have occurred to proponents of scrapping harmonization that the “tax grab” label can be answered by lowering the rate of the Ontario portion of the proposed tax? Is this just another oppose-for-the-sake-of-opposing partisan policies that distress so many of us living in Canada?

The last time we got on, and stubbornly stuck with, the wrong side of a political issue, our leader lost his seat and we ended up with a paltry 26 seats. We should take note that history has a habit of repeating itself.

I for one am not impressed by the rhetoric I’ve heard so far in this PC Ontario leadership campaign. I hope sincerely that a higher level of creativity and political vision will emerge in the next couple of weeks. So far, we have mostly same-old-same-old rhetoric and “I like the person so I’ll support anything her/he says” attitude by the party faithful.

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