Friday, April 10, 2009

Ex-justice minister ‘offered contracts’

The Vancouver Sun reports that former Liberal Justice Minister Martin Cauchon offered Vancouver lawyer, Michael Galambos, federal prosecution contracts in exchange for support of ex-prime minister Paul Martin at a fundraising dinner.

According to that newspaper, this shocking allegation was made by Mr. Galambos while under oath and are contained in documents filed with the Supreme Court of Canada.

Perhaps more disturbing is the report that the 46-year-old former MP for the Montreal riding of Outremont said last fall he was considering a return to politics and even running for the Liberal leadership. Back then, CTV News reported that Mr. Couchon was “…testing the waters for a Liberal leadership bid.” and that the “… 46-year-old is touting himself as a potential agent of generational change.”

Mr. Cauchon ceased to be minister of justice in December 2003 and did not run for re-election after supporting John Manley in the 2003 leadership convention—then prime minister Paul Martin did not name him to cabinet.

Just the sort of character the Liberals would look to for leadership material, eh?

I can’t wait to see how Michael Ignatieff and his band of sanctimonious Liberal hypocrites wiggle out of this one. A justice minister for Pete’s sake.



  1. This is a disturbing accusation. I like and respect Martin Cauchon and will be very disappointed if this is true. It makes you wonder if anyone can be an honest politician - I thought the man had integrity.

  2. As if this has never happened with a Conservative......Think. did not work

  3. Typical Liberal thinking, Anon (11:04 PM): if someone else has done something, that something must be OK. What Cauchon is alleged to have done is wrong period—no excuses, no rationalizations, no phony justifications.

  4. This is how all the JOC contracts were handled, lawyers got paid and then had to donate back to the party. Once the JOC contracts started going sideways on the Liberals they took all the work back in house to avoid exactly this. Look at any lawyer who had JOC contracts then match it to the party/candidtate donation list