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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And then there were three

The list of candidates in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s leadership race just got shorter at my house. Starting with the original list of Tim Hudak, Christine Elliot, Randy Hillier and Frank Klees, we have shortened the list by one name, Frank Klees, as we try to decide who to vote for in June. 

Mr. Klees, who represents Newmarket-Aurora and was third in his 2004 leadership bid, has contributed enormously to the PC Party, and I very much appreciate that service. This former cabinet minister has contributed at the party level and in the legislature—he is currently the Critic for Education and Citizenship & Immigration as well as a member of the Justice Committee.

I remain one of those who hold Mr. Klees to account for the faith-based-schools funding policy that proved so detrimental to the conservative cause in the 2007. I continue to view him as one of the party’s main proponents of that policy.

So egregious a mistake in political judgment was that policy, I could never support a candidate who gave such ardently support to it.

Yes, I know that others supported the controversial policy, at least publicly, after all, it was a plank in the campaign platform. But I see Mr. Klees’s support as being at the core of the policy’s acceptance within the party.

That’s the way I see it.

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  1. Coincidentally, Hudak went on to support faith-based schools openly right until election day, while Hillier and Elliott backed away from the policy as early as anyone.

  2. If we truly want a conservative heading up the party then we need to get rid of Hudak and Elliott as well. They were both Tory supporters and part of the party elite. I know that Hillier was a Tory opponent and his announcements on what he plans as leader follow real conservative values. Let's get back to common sense and get rid of the red tories.

  3. So soon? If it hadn't been for the call from the auto-dialer the other day I would barely have known he was in the race.

  4. There is only one person running in this election that can defeat Dalton, offer a real alternative to tax and spend policies, and can energize the Ontario PC Party.

    The Progressive Cosnervative Party needs to recapture the voters disinfranchised by bad policies and poor political judgement.

    In my mind, only Tim Hudak can meet that challenge.

  5. Typical comment from a Hudak supporter. All talk, no substance.

    The economy sucks, we get it.
    "Disenfranchised by bad policies" we get it.
    "Poor political judgement" we get it.

    Put forth something we can actually chew on. That was the problem with Tory, and that will be the same problem with Hudak.

  6. Hudak isn't all talk and no substance. Dude, its a 3 month race - did you want everything spelled out on the first day?

    Check out his speech to the Economic Club - hope you can chew on that:

    Oh, I happened to be there. It was well delivered and he got a standing ovation....twice.

  7. As a resident of the Newmarket/Aurora riding and a long-time supporter of Klees, I can tell you definitively that he had nothing to do with Tory's faith-based funding policy. In fact, he was one of the first to confront Tory directly and tell him this was a bad idea. As his campaign is just getting started, I look forward to more Conservatives getting to know Klees as he will be a strong leader and an excellent Premier!

  8. Not very convincing when those who support Klees do so anonymously.