Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome bit of optimism from our PM

The prime minister delivered a welcome dose of optimism in a speech he made to the board of trade at Brampton, Ontario on Tuesday. What a breath of fresh air. I’m so tired of the doom and gloom we are fed hourly by the mainstream media and by our politicians, both provincial and federal.

All the pessimism might be good for selling newspapers and getting eyeballs glued to screens, but it does nothing good for our economy. In fact, it helps to further erode the already damaged confidence of our consumers.

Unlike the labour unionist and academics we have leading the opposition parties, Prime Minister Harper is an economist who seems to understand that we only hurt ourselves when we keep on telling each other how terrible things are. It seems to me well proven by now that when we tell ourselves repeatedly how bad the economy is getting, it generally gets worse.

The PM told his audience that:

“Canada was the last advanced country to fall into this recession. …

“We will make sure its [recession’s] effects here are the least severe, and we will come out of this faster than anyone and stronger than ever.”

And added that our current economic crisis is an “opportunity to position ourselves so that when the recovery comes, we’re among the first to catch the wave.”

The prime minister also cautioned that “We will not turn the corner on this global recession until the American financial sector is fixed.”

No if can only move some of this optimism into our stock market strategies…


  1. Headline in the National Post: "PM Promises Recovery Will Be Swift". I fear that this optimistic forecast will come back to haunt the PM. After all we are next to the elephant which is not doing very well at all and can't help but affect us severely.

  2. Meanwhile, back at the Liberal Party Headquarters, the Toronto Star's Chantel Hebert has dubbed this speech by the PM to be nothing but a "attack ad" against her beloved Iffy and his band of Coupquistadors, plus those poor, pitiful mooches in the Nation Of Quebec.
    How typical of them.
    I can't wait for another election. That canadian of convenience Iffy will be Harpers hat trick with liberal party leaders.

  3. PM Harper's optimism is better than the gloom and doom that is being peddled in the US by Obama. If there is no hope, we would all stay home and curl up in the fetal position. Everyone in my family gets up in the morning and goes to work (with a little trepidation in our hearts, but we all go to work), and if and when we get downsized - we will go out and look for alternative employment and opportunity. That's optimism.