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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shameful bit of Liberal skullduggery

The Grits are at it again. Apparently—see the Angry in the
Great White North
blog—the Grits have devised a plan/scam to circumvent federal political party contribution rules.

Basically, ticket purchases for an upcoming Leader’s Dinner will be credited to Michael Ignatieff’s leadership campaign fund, even though he is already the de facto leader and is un-opposed. And:

“…within 60 days of Michael Ignatieff's acclamation as Liberal Party leader, and the official closure of the bogus Liberal Party leadership campaign, all this money will be transferred to the Liberal Party.”

This effectively doubles individual donations to the party: once to the Ignatieff Leadership campaign fund and a second donation made directly to the Liberal Party. All this despite the fact Ignatieff is already leader and there is no one opposing him.

So an un-opposed, already-appointed leader needs donations? Of course not, this is virtually a scam: a thumbing of the Liberal nose at our law, and the upturned rude middle finger to the Canadian people—plus, I suppose, a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Technically legal perhaps, but, nevertheless, shameful and so typical of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  1. God help them if the Conservatives tried something like this. In and Out? Convention Fees? Any of this sound familiar? It's okay for the Liberals to do these kinds of things, but not for the Conservatives.

    If Elections Canada lets them get away with this, I will start a petition for the AG to review EC.

  2. Joe Volpe and the kiddie gate donations