Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If the Tamil Tigers are terrorists, why are we not arresting their Canadian supporters?

One of the few negatives of immigration is the habit of some of bringing their political beefs with them to our country. Why can’t these people leave their bitterness and biases behind in their homelands and make a new beginning in Canada? A case in point is the recent traffic-snarling demonstration at Toronto in support of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam—a terrorist organization outlawed in 2006 under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act. [Source]

When our government outlawed the separatist Sri Lankan group, commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, it made it illegal for anyone in Canada to support or participate in the group’s activities. How then do we have thousands marching on our streets in open defiance of our laws and without legal consequences for the demonstrators?

Back in 2006, federal minister Stockwell Day is quoted as saying that,

“Human rights watch and other groups have reported very clearly that there has been intimidation going on within the Tamil community in Canada.

“The decision to list the LTTE is long overdue and something the previous government did not take seriously enough to act upon. [Apparently nor does the current government.]

“Our government is clearly determined to take decisive steps to ensure the safety of Canadians against terrorism.”

It is my understanding that our federal government’s listing of the Tamil Tigers under the Criminal Code means that any groups or individuals associated with them are also vulnerable to prosecution. It also means it is a criminal offence to participate in the activities of the Tigers, with a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.

Unfortunately, our authorities—including our politicians—seem too spineless to enforce the law.

We cannot be expected to have respect for any of our laws if our authorities are going to pick and choose which ones to enforce. This is especially galling to many of us who came to Canada as immigrants, and who are now Canadians first, law-abiding citizens and hard-working people who pay our taxes and raise families without resorting to unlawfully supporting terrorists groups.


  1. I understand your concern. However, I did look at the Anti-Terrorism Act (, I couldn't find any section that makes flying the Tamil Tigers flag illegal. Essentially, the exchange of money, property, and expertise to listed terrorist groups is illegal. Flying their flags and/or cheering them on is not illegal. It may not seem right to many Canadians, but I don't think it is illegal to cheer on Tony the Tamil Tiger.

  2. I think the reason some people can not leave their "bitterness and biases behind in their homelands" is because they have relatives their suffering and dying. There is a controversy whether or not the Tamil Tigers really are terrorists. The Canadian law assumes they are, but really if you listen to some of the stories about Sri Lanka right now, it is the government creating a genocide against the Tamil people. The problem is, no one really knows about, or they keep quiet. The only reason those people are protesting and cheering these so-called "terrorists" on is because they are the only people protecting their loved ones. They protest to make Canada aware of the potential genocide similar to Rwanda. They just don't want a future where people say the Tamil genocide.

    Also, if you look at some of the protesters, not all of them are immigrants. A chunk of them were born in Canada, and see that what is going on in Sri Lanka is wrong. The flag may be seen as symbol of terrorism to the law, but it obviously is as seen as freedom to those being killed overseas right now.