Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cut the Fat on-line campaign

The Cut the Fat on-line campaign seems to be gaining traction. This campaign is sponsored by the National Citizens Coalition, which has set up an on-line petition calling for members of parliament, senators, cabinet ministers and the prime minister to take an immediate 5 per cent cut in pay.

Furthermore, the petition asks for a freeze in the civil service and an examination of all federal expenditures, presumably so that they too can be pared back.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me, given the sacrifices so many Canadians are being called upon to make in these hard economic times. It’s an excellent opportunity for our politicians to show leadership in a tangible, personal way.

Go to the Web site; sign the petition.


  1. Gee - weren't those the two things that saw the rise of the "Coalition"?? Maybe there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    Go NCC Go!!

  2. Great idea, but what we really need to do is cut back those golden pensions politicians receive.