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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queen’s Park’s conflicting message

The local MPP for Burlington, Ontario is Joyce Savoline. Ms. Savoline was formerly the chairperson for Halton Region, a post now held by former MPP and MP Gary Carr. I’m pleased to read that Ms. Savoline is championing Ted Kindos’s cause as he battles with two separate arms of the Ontario Government to save his restaurant and his means of earning a living.

Minister Ted McMeekin replied to my [Savoline’s] question in the legislature saying that ‘this government is determined to find a way to support Ted (Kindos)’ and yet he is being taken before the Human Rights Commission for following one of the latest McGuinty regulations—the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Back on Feb. 10 I wrote about Kindos’s dilemma: Two separate Ontario Government departments are demanding the Burlington businessman follow their mutually exclusive rules, while his legal bills pile up. Ms. Savoline is trying to get some action at Queens Park.

It is bewildering how ineffective this Liberal Government at Queens Park continues to be after more than five years in office. With very few exceptions, they are truly a pathetic bunch.

You can read Ms. Savoline’s column in the Post here.

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