Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Senator Mike acquits himself rather well

David Akin has a nice post about Senator Michael Duffy’s maiden  speech in the Senate. As might have been expected, Senator mike3Duffy—has a nice ring, eh—acquitted himself rather well, mixing humour with serious commentary.

During his long career as one of Canada’s premier journalists, Senator Duffy demonstrated an abundance of intelligence, decency and integrity—journalistic and personal. In 1994, he was inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

quote-left-red-grey-bg…one cannot be a successful leader without sound political judgment and the courage to make tough decisions despite determined opposition.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Senator Michael Duffy

As a regular watcher of his Mike Duffy Live television show on CTV Newsnet, I miss seeing Mike on a regular basis. Though I have to say that Tom Clark shows early promise in his Power Play with Tom Clark replacement program.

I believe the Senator will prove himself to be an excellent addition to our much maligned upper house. Look for him to enliven proceedings there.smleaf


  1. The politically correct are having a conniption fit. ''homophobic', not from pei, no class, Harper's puppet, etc.'

    I thought he expressed his displeasure with Danny Boy pretty well.

    The humor is a nice addition to the usually humdrum, boring back and forth in either house.


  2. I'm kinda hoping that Mike becomes the next 'wrestler' in the big house. We all know how badly needed are some body slams in that place. (real conservative)

  3. Im sure duffy would howle uncle if he was told the pig troff is closed. let him roll back and forth to the senate. who cares what this mental midget says.

  4. Well, Wayne, I mean no offense when I say this, but Duffy's comments were homophobic, and were offensive.

    He should have thought a lot more than twice before saying it, and should promptly apologize.

  5. Mental midget, Anon 9:26? What a shameful thing to say.

    Duffy made it to the Hall of Fame, what have you accomplished other than make personal insults under the cover of anonymity? Coward!

  6. On Thursday in the Senate, Duffy said he was withdrawing his metaphor.

    “Honourable senators, if the metaphor I used in my speech on Feb. 3 was offensive to some members of this chamber, I withdraw the metaphor,” Duffy said.

    Duffy has previously said he meant his comments to be “humourous.”

    In most sensible societies, this should be the end of it, but here in politically-correct-land we’ll be chewing on this bone for months.

  7. Russ, I'm sorry to say that there are some things that one can't simply withdraw.

    As far as apologies go, Duffy's comments are unsatisfactory.

    I admire Duffy's past journalistic work as much as anyone, but I simply can't pretend that he wasn't wrong when he made these comments.

  8. You are one of the good guys, Patrick, but I think that these days, if I used the old adage about "the pot calling the kettle black," many would accuse me of insulting those who smoke dope and being insensitive to African-Canadians. And apologies would be demanded all round.

    We Canadians have got to get over this tiresome hyper-sensitivity we have developed. Good grief!

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. Well, sure, Russ. I can understand that.

    But in order to draw that particular conclusion, someone would have to intentionally misconstrue your metaphor. Some people are more than willing to do this.

    But this isn't an intentionally-misconstrued metaphor we're talking about. It's a plainly evident homophobic remark under the guise of a political speech.

  10. We'll never know exactly what was in Duffy's mind, will we? I get your point, but am willing to give him the benefit of my doubt.