Thursday, February 5, 2009

Liberal mouthpiece Kinsella smears blogging Tories

One of the Liberal party’s loudest mouthpieces, Warren Kinsella, has smeared Conservative bloggers, and apparently—at least in the case of Blogging Tory Stephen Taylor’s donation—does not have his facts right.

Mr. Kinsella seems to love controversy; he wallows in it. Never mind that he doesn’t always get his facts right when engaging in one of his mass smears.

And never mind that he sometimes has to eat humble pie and apologize publicly for insulting entire communities. That’s an occupational hazard. His is a shotgun approach, and he doesn’t seem to give a damn who gets hurt by his slurs—an innocent restaurant here, an ethnic community there.

It seems that in the Ivory Tower world of senior Liberals and their mouthpieces, small donations—the sizes that don’t make it onto Elections Canada’s lists—are of no consequence: Kinsella counts them as $0. No wonder the Liberal Party is almost broke if they only want the $1,000+ contributions.

And how about this cowardly innuendo in his post:

quote-left-red-beige-bg At least two of those people [Conservative bloggers] receives monies from the Conservative Party; more than one of them get material/research sent to them straight from the Prime Minister's Office and/or CPC.quote-right-red-beige-bg

The cheapest of gutless of tricks: smear the nameless in the hope some mud will stick.

What I want to know is: if Mr. Ignatieff is a significant donor to the Liberal Party—even if through the  Laurier Club—why is his name not on the Elections Canada 2008 list? How many names of large donors do not appear on the list? Is this another Liberal party financing boondoggle?

And my biggest question of all: why does Michael Ignatieff want to sully his own reputation by bothering to associate with Kinsella?smleaf


  1. Interesting questions. How about some more?

    Who were Harper's big business donors in his leadership campaign and how come he continues to refuse to tell us?

    Who paid off Peter McKay's leadership debt of $400,000?

    These are important questions especially when the Auditor General today tells us that the Conservatives have been excercising no control over where billions and billion of our taxdollars are being spent and, worse, when reports are coming out that 78% of infrastructure money spent by the Conservatives have gone to Conservative ridings. When is Conservative pork-barrelling going to end?

  2. I guess the liberals need not worry about anything as long their MSM is always there to protect them.
    Now if the shoes were on the other regarding to Ignatieff no donation stituation;or what remarks they say; the rise and set of the conservatives wronging will be in the news 24/7.

    We need a balance news reporting; I like the americans new media liberals and conservative.

    Frankly, it gets rather boring when you have a one-sided news media which is most definitely not ours. Naturally you can repeat every word they say. stephen harper this or that.......

  3. Another cheap Liberal trick, Ted: answering a question with a question.

    What do party donations and Kinsella slurs have to do with the diatribe at the end of your comment?

    Get your our soapbox.

  4. Tom Clarke better watch his back. If he continues to be "fair" on his new show as he has been - he will soon be shoved out the door - or told - slant everything liberals or you are not working in our media. Nice to see - someone who flew in here to save Canada after working all his life in another Country - and now tells everyone he is putting them on probation - until he is ready to take control - surprising to see he gave "0" to his own party last year... I guess he is so important - everyone is suppose to bow and kiss his feet.....

  5. Yeah Jen, blame the MEDIA. You got 'smeared' and now you want to smear the media. That's responsible.

    I think Ted's point is that your questions are posed in hugely leaning ways. 'Is this another Liberal party financing boondoggle'. Please if thats not fishing without bait I don't know what is.

    'Another cheap liberal trick' I love how the conservative blogging community really trying to demonize their opposition.

  6. Anon 4:34pm - those are lies created and spun by the federal conservative war room. Blame the media for not being as right wing as you'd like it to be.

  7. "What do party donations and Kinsella slurs have to do with the diatribe at the end of your comment?"

    Since when is reporting facts and news a "diatribe", Russ?

    What do they have to do with each other? One is real news of serious importance to all Canadians; the other is an attempt to distract from real news of serious importance to all Canadians.

    The grown-ups are back in charge of the Liberal Party. And soon they will be in charge of the government.

  8. Ted, claiming that your comment was spreading "real news" is disingenuous at best.

  9. Ted,

    Who paid for fresh out of law school Paul Martin to purchase a multi-million dollar steamship line?

    See, we could go around in circles like this all day.

    Instead of arguing on who should be following imaginary regulations that didn't exist at the time, why not focus on those who appear not to be following law as it currently stands.

    On that note, there is a possible explanation of why Iggy is in the Laurier Club but he doesn't appear as a donor: MPs are automatically members of the Laurier Club regardless of donations.

    This however would still mean that he didn't donate to his own party.

  10. Who were the big business contributors to Jean Chretien's campaign?

    Or is that too far back to go?

    Not Ted.

  11. You are missing the point folks. While the mystery of Harper's and McKay's secret donors is relevant because we don't know who is influencing government policy now and Harper insists on different rules for Liberals, the whole attempt by the Conservatives to get us focused on who is donating what is a blatant and obvious attempt to keep our focus away from the real news of the day:

    Today, the independent Auditor General announced that the Conservatives have been mismanaging our taxpayer dollars in a big big way:

    Today, it was revealed that the Conservatives have been practicing the worst of pork-barrel politics and spending over three-quarters of our infrastructure dollars on their own ridings:

    Today, the independent Budget Officer appointed by Harper announced that Flaherty's numbers and estimates and projections are STILL full of crap:

    Today, the independent Auditor General and her Environmental Auditor informed us that the Conservatives environmental plans are doing nothing and the Conservatives are doing nothing to track the money:

  12. Hey Ted, let me report a fact as well. Chretien's riding received more than the entire province of Alberta in federal grants for things involving infrastructure. Water fountain and canoe museum ring a bell Ted?

    How is Lawrence McCauley doing in clearing his name into those contracts awarded to relatives?
    Last I heard he was asking O.J. Simpson for advice on how he was searching for the real killer.

    Care to explain who will pay off Dion's campaign debt, now that he is a backbencher? It's a pretty significant amount Ted. I assume the Irving company was a donor to the Liberal party, seeing as all those cabinet ministers got caught taking free fishing trips and flights on a private jet.

    -Jobs grant money went to Liberal ridings where unemployment was not a problem. The riding of Honourable Jane Stewart, the Minister of Human Resources, received $30-million over the past term, even though this riding consistently had an unemployment rate lower than both the national average and the 12% required for jobs grants.

  13. Where's my money the Liberals stole from me and gave to their ad agency friends?

    Ted's as irrelevent here as he's been all over the blogs today.

  14. Maybe Ted should read the whole Auditor's report and realize she was reporting on spending over the last TEN years, the majority of which was under Liberal control. They were the ones that created these "arms-length" trusts to distribute money. It has taken the Conservative government several years to wind up their operations as each mandate expired and return control to the government.

  15. If Kinsella was really concerned about the good ship Liberal - he would ask the interim leader why he contributed $0 to the party coffers? He's not a lowly minion with limited resources - but a MP with desire to be Prime Mininster - kinda different from bloggers. Does anyone know what Kinsella contributed to the cause? What's $1.95, a large coffee at Starbucks or two coffees at Tims?

  16. Warren Kinsella has had a very bad week this week.

    It seems like he may have made the BBQ cat remarks the least of his concern.